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  1. zahra

    New skills (Solved by Shaz)

    you are right.i use RMXP
  2. zahra

    mountain mapping (solved)

    i use xp.thanks for explain
  3. oh...my head...i want to pick an axe and....!:hammer: well,well,relax. i found some mountain mapping tutorial but they was ...:taunt: i'm totally in hang.please find or write a tutorial for very very high mountains thanks :Ambulance:
  4. zahra

    mountain mapping (solved)

    i saw them and tried to make mountain again but i think i need more base info about mountain mapping
  5. i think you have a strong mind with a lot of strong ideas.i'm sure you will find them.go ahead!
  6. Dear reader! Please give me a vote from 1 to 10 for characters,story,maps(with reason). don't leave this topic without rate. i need your votes feel free.this game is for you,player!
  7. zahra


    Hi! i have two Qs:how can i put a graphic in the text box? how can i change party members(party switch) i have a lot of character in my game i use RMXP and i read many tutorials but a step by step tutorial can help me thanks
  8. zahra


    Nope.it wasn't helpful but i thank you for give your time to my question. i found the answer in other site because no one answer to me(except you)
  9. zahra


    thank you...i tried them before but they wasn't very helpful for me.thanks for reading and answering!
  10. zahra

    a huge of trees? (solved)

    thanks a lot.got it! 8)
  11. zahra

    a huge of trees? (solved)

    thanks for your helps but i can't reply any posts until 27th or maybe later (because of my quiz) :cry: thank you sooooooo much
  12. i know and i CAN SEE those differences but there is NO WAY.if you have any idea,write this.maybe you can find a way.you have more experience.:FunnyBunny: thanks! :peace:
  13. for mel's image,witch is better? 1)mel's image in menu of aveyond 3 darkthrop prophecy 2)mel's image in menu of aveyond 3 gates of night
  14. yes,it is impossible so i have to use last image. but if i find better image,i replace it and if you find something too,please send it for me thanks a lot
  15. it is ok,no problem,send them to me please.i try to cut Gyendal from it thank you sooooooo much
  16. thank for your helps.this is the last update of my game and i hope you enjoy it.i'm waiting for your comments to improve my game :thanks:
  17. ok.i will improve it where can i find soft-CG?
  18. sorry daeva_agas but i can't understand your mean. do you mean character's graphic don't have match together???
  19. thanks for your help,got it!
  20. is there any character maker for rpg maker xp? i used character maker xp but it wasn't good for me
  21. hello!i have an offer i have my game's battler graphic but i can't find a good character for them.who can make some character for me?i need a character that had match with battler graphics