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  1. Got a new phone! *happy dance* So I can now take photographs and post my stuff here Dragon (surprise lol) Realized it takes ages to upload via this tapatalk app so *slightly less happy dance*
  2. the credits bug hasn't been fixed yet, I think. Can anyone see their credit balance in their profile?
  3. thank you guys for the advice. Appreciate it
  4. awesome signature :3

    1. SCAR


      Thank you ^_^ ... I made plenty of them .... thinking of changing soon...

  5. *glares* *breathes fire*

  6. Tomato method certainly look promising, will try that, but I want to know what I should do during the breaks? Watch TV? or take a little shut-eye?
  7. Unfortunately, none of my friends live nearby my house. The children who do live nearby are too young or too careless. Also 1-2 hour study sessions won't do. At least 5 hours a day if I want to get marks anywhere near my teachers' expectations (I do respond well during class, but my marks in tests aren't that great ). I've tried to study while putting on some music. I once completed 185 Integration problems in one sitting while listening to linkin park in about 6 hours, but it never happens again. I get distracted too easily. :\ Okay, gotta go study now, lol
  8. Do any of you guys feel like you procrastinate too much, and can't get any work done on time? I think I am a hard worker (once I actually start working) and a good student, but when I get my hands on the Internet or the TV, I just can't seem to let go and do any useful work. Unless there is some sort of pressure on me like a major exam the very next day, but by then it is obviously too late to complete all the syllabus I need to study. Any solutions?
  9. *replaced code by tweet url, dunno how those codes work, lel* and nope, not my first time doing a gif, just that I have to work with a mouse instead of a tablet PC, so its not alwas that "clean" (I didn't draw the whole thing either, just "Layer by Cut" work there. Here is the original:
  10. Done. :3 (I was kinda bored with it by the time I was close to finishing, so it lacks a bit of finesse) https://twitter.com/SilverDragon017/status/558523165173743616/photo/1
  11. ^^^ <AWESOME AVATAR!> not too sure about "village fair", but I do like the idea :3 (400 posts, yippie) :3
  12. In the middle of making an animation (mickey mouse slam dunking ) for a school project. Not as easy as it seems. :]
  13. what software do u use? Imageready? or Flash?
  14. Hope the credit balance bug is fixed soon :] Did anybody notice the "Lottery"? Awesome Idea, Amanda. :3 <check your notification settings>
  15. Has anyone discovered anymore ways to earn credits other than Forum Activity? Would be nice to earn credits by completing a list of "Daily Tasks" (like many games) wouldn't it?
  16. A (shape shifting) dragon. For details, Imagine Smaug, but silver. I can transform into a human, a warrior adept with a sword and an M4 Carbine.
  17. I remembered another thing. (AP does count, right?) When my party(all weak) came out of the wyrmwood pass, There was the old blue hermit walking around. I went up to him, not realising he was a monster, and before I could press the space bar, the hermit (<beep><beep>) fireballed my whole party into oblivion. (second game over I encountered in AP)
  18. yes I drew stuff in my drawing notebook. Computer is broken. D': can't scan We're going off topic here, get back to posting your art here. XD
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