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    SilverDragon got a reaction from Sunny_Angel in Procrastination   
    Do any of you guys feel like you procrastinate too much, and can't get any work done on time? I think I am a hard worker (once I actually start working) and a good student, but when I get my hands on the Internet or the TV, I just can't seem to let go and do any useful work. Unless there is some sort of pressure on me like a major exam the very next day, but by then it is obviously too late to complete all the syllabus I need to study. Any solutions? 
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    SilverDragon got a reaction from SCAR in SCAR's [D-U-N-G-E-O-N]   
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    SilverDragon reacted to SCAR in SCAR's [D-U-N-G-E-O-N]   
    Here is me sharing my Graphics, Sketches and Artworks ...  






    Will keep on updating .... Thank you for visiting .... 
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    SilverDragon reacted to whisperingmist in Aveyond Kingdom is LIVE!!!   
    Just like everybody else, it was a big surprise to me seeing the new site. Still getting used to it, but I'm liking it so far, especially the fluffy green bird at the top of the page! (The auto save feature is very cool too!)
    Looking forward to more updates in the future. I've been doing some occasional lurking, but this may get me out of hiding. =)
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    SilverDragon got a reaction from Meroko in Not so awesome art~   
    In the middle of making an animation (mickey mouse slam dunking ) for a school project.
    Not as easy as it seems. :]

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    SilverDragon reacted to Jayshe in Aveyond Kingdom is LIVE!!!   
    Aaaaah this is the topic I've been looking for - sorry for my repeat questions in the village square.  Overall great new site Amanda.  Is there a space where we can still report bugs?  I only ask because everytime I click on the forum title to see the list of forums to get back to village square, I get a page not found bug and then need to click on it a second time in order to get to the page I want.  Also I noticed some shiny new credits in my posession...I assume that this is what you were talking about in terms of the new shop system?
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    SilverDragon reacted to Ant in Aveyond Kingdom is LIVE!!!   
    Over the years, I've discovered that the most active community members are usually the star beta testers, so the more posts someone has, the more likely they are to be selected to be a beta tester. There are also a few people who have beta tested in the past who did such an amazing job that they get an immediate pass if they apply.
    Everyone, we'll be testing out a shop system very soon. I already have it installed, but I need to make sure I can customize it for our site. My overall goal is to tie shopping to a battle dome (like neopets). It's nice to be able to collect stuff, but it would be even better if that stuff had a purpose.
    For guilds... stay tuned.
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    SilverDragon reacted to Argoyle in Not so awesome art~   
    I used to love doing that with Paint!
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    SilverDragon reacted to Ant in Aveyond Kingdom is LIVE!!!   
    Everyone, I have plans to have the guilds return, BUT, the role of guilds is going to change, and likely how they are formed. I'll have more details later, but it's part of a bigger plan to "gameify" the forum for everyone.
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    SilverDragon got a reaction from Ant in Aveyond Kingdom is LIVE!!!   
    oh awesome new website!
    aaaand I'm out :3
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    SilverDragon got a reaction from Pumpkin in Not so awesome art~   
    Okay,here goes-
    Here's my pencil artworks....
    please pardon the SUPERBAD picture quality....
    Three headed Dragon-
    That's a golem,flame elemental, a pixie,and a night orc.
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    SilverDragon reacted to Meroko in Doodled doodles (?)   
    A baby Shigaraki pixel~
    (Shigaraki from Gugure! Kokkuri-san)

    The tail animation though >.>