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  1. Can someone please tell me how to trigger the house warming party in witchwood, thankyou
  2. Where can I find more besides what I might find in a chest or from fighting? Thankyou
  3. lol, thanks for the help. I killed the crab but didnt save in a seperate slot and didnt think to go back before I killed it. I got the purplewarp recipe but thats to warp back to Harakauna (wow what a name). Glad someone has imaginations! The hints say the squirrel supposedly gives a different recipe than the purple warp one.
  4. please tell me what link I use to get the guide from this site. I went to the one you have with the game link but thats from BFG. I dont want that one, thankyou.
  5. thankyou, yes I have spook now. The one and only squirrel in harakauna keeps talking about the purplewarp egg recipe and nothing else. Did i mis something cause I thought there was suppose to be a recipe that made you walk faster?
  6. Everytime I try to go into where the stone tiger or lion is June says "I'm not going in there again". I just got a mirror mail and thought thats what I need to use for the stonestatue to stop its lasers, Is there something else I need? thankyou.
  7. I got lost in the root system under the tree and in the worm tunnel anda few others but eventually found my way out. I'm impressed with all the work and everything thats been done with this game and all the others they have put out. Then they work on Walkthru's thats alot of work as well and doing the maps.To think they only charge 10 dollars for all that. I'd rather go thru their site like I did and pay almost 10.00 or whatever it was for this than go thru BFG. Here's hoping they make alot on these games.
  8. oh ok thankyou!! Edit: ok I found it thankyou. It sure doesnt last very long when in use.
  9. yes I have all the ingredients but theres no recipe in the book for it and I have tried once to make it but it blew up.
  10. lol, thankyou much, I found it before I even came back to look here but now my question is. How do I make the beast repellant cause they wont let me do it in the shop where ulf is now? thankyou
  11. the guy in front of the items shop in peliad said i need slimeas one ingredient for the beast repellant, where do I find it? thankyou
  12. ok the link at bigfish does work, Thanks!
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