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  1. I've gone back and looked closely at all three lakes. If someone could tell me which of the three lakes it is - left lake, right lake or bottom lake, and which side of the lake it is on, maybe I could narrow it down. Thanks in advance
  2. I can't find the god water in one of the three lakes in Busybeak hills as there's no sparkles above the water. I've defeated the werebear and been to the Shadowlands, so am I far enough along in the game?
  3. For the life of me I cannot find the magic shop to return the kobold stones. I read it was near Chester's cave but cannot find that either. One post said it was west, another east. Does one go through the tournament cave to get to it? Which level of the town is it on? Help much appreciated!
  4. I don't quite understand you. I press escape, and all her original spells are there, but even scrolling along, up or down doesn't show me her guild spells
  5. How do you get to use Talia's guild spells? Only the first set of spells are visible in the top left hand corner when I fight. I've learned all her guild spells. Thanks
  6. I get killed off by the little girl as I cannot hit back, so she slowly works her way through my three characters, just turning into the sprite before the game is over. I've looked through past posts and read it might be a glitch. Is there a patch? I've tried going off and doing something else, then returning, but it is always the same. Very frustrating when the walkthrough says the little girl is easy!!
  7. How do you use magic/skills? I get the box up in left hand corner and can scroll along, but which keyboard button do I press to use the skill?
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