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  1. @Aeternus Love the set! Especially since it has red in it. My favorite color :loving: Hehe Never heard of the anime or for the matter watched it but your set got me interested. Might check it out sometime. P.S Simply adore the color contrast :loving:
  2. Memozia

    Anime is a sin?!

    WOOOW! I simply am out of words. I am Christian and yes I'm not that fond of Jesus being cosplayed, but I seriously do not understand where their motivation is coming from. Yeah there are horrid, creepy, scary animes out there that involve hate or even Satan but that is no reason to protest. That is like saying non-believers have to start believing God or they will burn in hell. They need to focus on other stuff like poverty and helping people in need rather than punishing other people for watching anime. I feel ashamed really that there are such christians out there who believe watching anime is a sin.
  3. @Luthie haha yeahh I'm in my own little world when I turn the music on. But I think I exaggerated with the extremely colorful background. >.< Was too much into it that I didn't notice:oops: @Kiri Thankoo~ Kiri-chan :loving: @Lara Thank you. :loving: Yeah.. I hope it's readable because I forgot to save it as a Photoshop file and it will take some time to do it all over again. :/ Stupid me
  4. Ditto Moony. Azure, your drawings are really special and beautiful. :loving: You have real talent if you were able to draw so amazingly with the mouse. I probably won't achieve that even in a million years.
  5. Weee I cannot wait for the release! Take a good rest so that you'll be fresh and full of energy. And then you can finish the game! Well, of course with all the support from your dearest fans Yay!
  6. @Lara Love your new set as well as the other one you created. Butterflies=LOVE:loving: Changed my set. I wanted it to be bigger but then I would be exceeding the limits . In case anybody can't read the writing it says "Music On, World Off"
  7. @Kiri I love the new set. Aeternus did a great job. As for me I'm totally in love with Vash :loving: Changed my set again
  8. @Lara Love the set. Especially the siggie. Weally pretty colors :loving:3:loving: Changed my set as well.
  9. @Aeternus Thank you ^.^" Yeah I was worried that it's not readable. So there I changed it Hehe I think the new avvie ish cuter although it doesn't really match with the signature. >.>
  10. @Luthie Hehe thankoo~ Man photoshop was giving me a really hard time with the siggie. -_-" I ish playing around with gimp and photoshop right now. Expect lots of set changes... :oops:
  11. :/ Missing my old set. Oh well! The new background inspired me into making this set. Full summer mode!... I know I know it's kind of early for summer but w/e >.>
  12. :loving:_:loving: Loving the amazing background. It was about time for a change. Inspired me into making a new set.
  13. EVIL TRIPLETS!!! :evil: Mwahaha @Kiri OH OH! I'll edit it! Finished!! Fun Fun Fun! Photoshop is my hero. :loving: I'll send it to you @Luthie A club would be nice but it would just be moved to th anime/manga club. It has happened with lots of different anime club ideas. :/
  14. @Val mehehe well, not that evil. The truth is that inside we're fluffy and cute xD and thank you sis :loving: @Luthie Let's make all AMs Jigoku Shoujo crazy addicts! :evil: @Kiri Like we said the anime is just amazing Sure why not? Then we'll be the evil triplets
  15. @Luthie :evil: Hehe no problem. I have very much enjoyed playing around with it. Kikuri FTW! :evil:
  16. @Luthie you could also try brighting up the siggie to a orangish color THERE I MANAGED TO CHANGE MY SET! *Pats herself on the head* Go me!
  17. @Luthie I don't think I'll finish it today, but I'll definitely finish it for tomorrow :evil:
  18. @Luthie Shweet Pancake! I just checked out your cottage~'TIS AWESOME!~
  19. Mannn -_-" Haven't seen a Canadian in a loooong time. I've always wanted to visit India!! It seems like such an awesome place *.* You guys are lucky to live there :/
  20. @Luthie Agreed! Enma Ai ish amazing :loving: woah! I was totally going to do that right now. She's my second fav chara after Ai. Ai+Kikuri=EVIL CUTENESS! :evil:
  21. Thinking of changing her set... Sweet sets everyone. Kiri I love your siggie :loving: ~Update~ I've finished the new set. :3 Was so exited that it took me only 30 min @Luthie now we're twins xD
  22. I'm not really into writing sad depressing poems. When I read them over for no reason I start to cry. Weird eh?
  23. I have Isolophobia. It's basically a phobia of being alone. It hasn't manifested a lot and it is not that serious but it's still there. When I was little the soap smelled so good that I couldn't resist bitting it. I ended up heaving a stomachache but nothing too serious.
  24. I'll see what I can do. But for the moment there won't be any new poems. Unless I magically get some inspiration from somewhere. With all the snow and rain I doubt that'll happen soon. Sowwie
  25. @Val haha I know how you feel sis. He's just irresistable! I'm glad you liked it @Kirara thankoo~ @Slivermist alright I'll do that tonight. g2g to school now @Luthie Haha I know. That's why he's my hero :loving:
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