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  1. lehvus

    Ahriman destroys me

    Thanks for your help, I tried all the above and the only thing that worked was cursing ahriman so he can't kill in 1blow then he was easy. Thank you =)
  2. I haven't broken ulf out of prison he just speaks there but he is not in my party
  3. I was in prison but I got out using the compass. When i try to re-enter, Ulf who IS NOT in my party yet speaks and says that he doesnt want to enter that place again, Do I have to start over?
  4. Hello everyone, I am playing in hard mode and I am level 99 with Rhen, Lars, Elini, and Dameon I use gauss shield and shield exaura and fire amulets and have the best gear. However Ahriman just kills all my party in a single blow of Annihilation spell. What can I do? Thank you
  5. Thanks for your help anyways..Can you tell me what I can do to avoid getting this again? Sorry for spamming :c
  6. Hello..I replayed the game 5 times since i had posted my file, But I got the same problem Can you please help me? Thank you.
  7. Hey! Sorry to bother you, but I have got an invisible barrier in the stairs at cursed woods, I can't reach the dark spirit...Can you please help me? http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?7rbf49ejblefoge thank you