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  1. I haven't, I've been trying all sorts of things, but I guess I'll have to resort to that.
  2. You mean in one of the other 4 save slots? I can't even access the save file screen, I try to get to the load screen and it crashes before I can choose a file.
  3. When attempting to continue my Aveyond save I ran into a pop-up that stated "Script 'Window_SaveFile' line 34: TypeError occured. incompatible marshal file format (can't be read) format version 4.8 required; 0.0 given What happened and how can i fix this? Thank you. This happened before I was able to select a save file, and immediately after clicking continue. For the record I'm playing Build C.
  4. I just realized you said to leave our name's so I'm Robert, and as I stated before, I'd like to Beta test. My email is rscjackson1228@gmail.com
  5. I would love to beta test Aveyond 4. I've been following Aveyond since the 2nd game came out and have played them all, it would be an amazing experience to be able to beta test a game that i spent so much of my childhood playing.
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