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  1. Uninstall Norton anyway, it's not much of a helper when it comes to easy scanning and repair(for spyware). Try downloading Microsoft Security Essentials. Not only is it free, but it's easy to download, doesn't take up much memory, and works fine with low-end processors (for example, MSE is protecting this Intel Atom computer, and it works just as fast as my i3 laptop).


    Download site: http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/

  2. As I get older...

    -I begin to listen to music more

    -I like more fruit-related deserts

    -TV involvement went from 48 hours a week to 2 hours, usually for movies

    -My ability to deal with vegatables hasn't changed

    -Video gaming went from 5 hours a day to 1 hour

    -feeling more sleepy

    -More hours awake however

    -daily drink went from soda to V8 (berry blend)

    -my GPA remains static (sadly)

  3. @everyone who thinks labels are labels and there is nothing wrong with them:

    They hurt. It feels like a seperation from what people deem normal, and that the inadequate people get labeled as part of the non-crowd.


    @everyone who hates labels:

    I feel your wrath, but there is no way to talk about a certain cateogry without a name.


    I personally hope this ends any form of fighting over "labels", and get back to discussing about sexual identity itself.

  4. Anyhow, to get back onto topic:

    Personally, I believe that attraction to the opposite or same sex should not be looked down upon, for while many may contradict that you can unquestionably choose to be homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, or even a-sexual, the hormones in a persons' body also contribute to their level of attraction to a certain sex.


    In the upbringing of mankind, where has it been biologically or morally correct to bind a person's feelings and personal freedoms, in the event where no physical harm has been done to any other members of society? It hasn't. And where in the society of democratic liberties does a person deserve to be branded an infidel due to his or her wants of a more equal union?


    Whatever the reason may be (upbringing, society influences), you have no excuse for either avoiding the fact that you are empowering your kind, or looking down upon others, for that is discrimination.


    "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

    -Abraham Lincoln



    PS. Even magic may cause our personal attractions (ie. Devin's marriage)

  5. YOUR USER NAME: s_tyong (reregister character)

    YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Grippier (formerly Tashiki)







    a)Physical: dodge, weak attack except during ambush(hide), running away for 12 seconds

    b)Magical: chili pepper smoke bomb (used for hiding)

    c)Other: Weakened due to loss of training

    YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: Frtiz's Big Eyes, hiding

    YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: Not very useful in combat


  6. In the US, it's astonishing. Probably not as much in Japan or another country where girls are looked down upon, which is why awareness is pretty much an issue. Kids (and even adults) do harrass and mistreat teens because they are not taught by their parents, teachers, or peers, or because they have observed phenomenoms of similar incidents around them and take it in as normal. How do we convince countries the importance of such scale when they do not enforce their own laws and teachings?


    Or more importantly, how can we help victims who went through this cruel fate, and prevent others from entering the same situation?

  7. That's very strange. Try going to computers, then c:\, then program files, then Ahriman's prophecy and double clicking on the purple icon for RPG_RT. RPG_RT should be all the way at the bottom and have the description "Application".


    If it does not work or does the exact same thing, uninstall AP, then redownload it.

  8. im not much of an antibush (for some reason, i still think of the plant whn i hear his name), but obama did try to be as honest as possible, in sharing both his cons and pros, while from mccain all i have heard are pros....id like to hear some cons about mccain for once...

  9. i have also been watching this conflict go on, and russia may have already accepted the armstice, but in that, they already took a small part of georgia, and i say the give it back...if they keep on continuing this, their country will grow bigger and bigger over time. this could as well leap to another war, with a great possibility of involving the U.S. this time, i don't see america untied for war as they were back then though, meaning that if this caused a war, we would be weak against...everything.


    for your second quetion, i agree with mizzou. if they wanted russia to act the way everyone wanted them to, their economy would be damaged.