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  1. (Song lyrics as I hear 'em.) "I need you still, forever and always." --> Enlarge. XDD "I'd carry you like the weight of the world." --> Density in the world. "There was a time when I fought my mind." --> Type back. I don't even know. Lol.
  2. 800 gold is definitely high for a cottage, but I wouldn't oppose something more along the lines of one or two hundred. (150?) /lame not-at-all-in-depth post (XD)
  3. The programming team seems to be having a couple of issues, but from what I can gather, progress on the game is pretty good.
  4. The thing about the "sticks and stones" phrase is that it's not a fact--it's advice. It's saying that you shouldn't let words hurt you, in the way that KTC and Aeternus said. Ans re: cyberbullying leading to suicide... This is going to sound kind of callous, but it's how I feel about the issue. People on the internet are MEAN. (Not so much here, but still.) You kind of just have to realize that these people don't really know you and that their opinions don't have to matter if you don't want them to. And if you're so sensitive that every little thing anyone says hurts you and can drive you to the point where you want to kill yourself... Well, you're kind of too sensitive for the internet at large. (Here is where you'd want that thicker skin.)
  5. Some people will just not like you. That's kind of the way the world works. Just don't let it get to you. It might be hard to ignore, but since there's nothing that you can really do about it (unless you do want to try talking to her), there's no use in getting worked up about it. Oh, and all this about "trying to get all the girls to go against her"--she's not a tyrant, and this is not a coup. Unless she literally does rule over everybody. Setting up sides like that won't help, and it doesn't really go with your "don't hate" policy, because you're kind of making it a bigger deal than you need to.
  6. Rena

    Romantic Advice?

    Rage is clever. And a lot more subtle than I am. XD Re: Speaking terms--we don't talk a whole lot, but we do chat some during class. (I've only got one with him, though.) So I'm thinking I might go for Rage's approach, assuming I am physically capable of being casual and not stumbling over awkwardness. XD Thanks everyone for the advice, 'cause it's HELPFUL. (And if anyone has more to say, please do so. )
  7. Rena

    Romantic Advice?

    Well, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be home all summer, so assuming all goes well in the hypothetical asking out, we'd probably be fine on that front. I don't actually know his plans for the summer, though. But again, this is really not an issue I can subtly bring up. The big problem with your second point there is that I really honestly just don't know. Being the relationship novice that I am, all I can say is that I'm pretty sure that this is one of the longest lasting crushes I've had and definitely more likely to go somewhere than any of the others. I might try and ask some of my friends IRL who've had relationships before, but I tend to get, like, ridiculously awkward. (I'd ask one of my closer friends, but most of them have had little to no experience in the field, so they're not quite as helpful here.) Good thing I've got another three days of weekend to dwell on my feelings, huh? Lol.
  8. Man do I feel weird asking for it. Sigh. 'Kay. So here's the thing. What with being a teenager and all, I am, as a general rule, kind of surrounded by relationships and the desire to have them and such. So there's this boy. And I sound cliche. But I do kind of like him. So here are my problems. 1. The school year is definitely ending in about a week and a half. 2. He may or may not be going out with someone else, but there's no way for me to find out without asking someone. 3. If I were to go and ask him out, it would be my first time doing so. And I really don't want to have my first/only such experience to end badly. 4. Even without the problem of his possibly having a girlfriend, our personalities might not necessarily click. I'm a fairly quiet and responsible (seeming) type, and he is one of those guys that tends to be known for acting like in idiot. (In that his vocabulary includes a lot of sarcasm. Of which I am a fan.) So I keep wondering if I should just man up and give asking him out a shot or just let it go. I mean, I could definitely do the latter--it's how I've gotten through every other crush. But I'm just thinking that at some point or another, I'm going to be getting into relationships, and now is just as good a time to start as any. (Except for the problem where school is ending soon and I feel stupid for putting off this decision for so long argh.) Anyway. I'd like to ask you all for your opinions on the matter. BTW, if you'd like to call this boy anything, I'd go with Terry. It's what my friends and I call him in conversation.
  9. I rather highly doubt that Shaz will tell you anything different. It is recommended that you use the seven save slots for this exact reason. Anyway, it's not like it's a huge, life-altering issue if you don't have Mel marrying Edward. Aisling has saves from all the GoN endings up at the TLO forum, so you can always use those. There's not much that the different fiancees change in GoN.
  10. First things first: In the Lady Gaga article (I think, I read a couple of them), the writer specifically says that she's probably not trying to actually hypnotize anyone with her songs. That's not the point. Second things second: I'm very sure that this person is reading too far into things. I mean, at first, it seemed not implausible. However, as I looked at more articles on the site, it started sounding ridiculous to the point where I stopped thinking any of it made sense.
  11. You know, you CAN download that set of faces for Builds B and C, too. :Tongue:
  12. He. Is. SO. CUTE. Galahad is my favorite. He's so sweet. LOVE the whole happy human lifestyle thing. And the bed scene is sooooooo adorable. =DDDD Poor Te'ijal. Adjust, woman! Look how nice your husband is! XDD Cough. I mean... Yeah, that chewing. It's disgusting. XD
  13. Rena

    Night Falls

    Well, if it was that third reason, the Sedonian Paladins certainly do not have Japanese roots. There, I believe suicide clears you of any dishonor. (I'm fairly sure...) I do specialize in random poetic-type phrasings. XD They have had three centuries of antagonizing each other to a fair extent. And just because Galahad (secretly) loves her does not mean that he's not still resentful over getting Turned at all. But, still, I think that his love for her is building up along with his resentment. I was thinking about it, and while I do kind of like the idea of them living happily/adventurously-ever-after (XD), I also like the idea that they'll end up having some very cute and spunky kids. Perhaps some sort of super-duper slow aging? Not true immortality (barring a violent death, of course), but still long-lasting. (Definite flaws here I'm too lazy to work out. XD) *scoops up the spilled Marabelle and puts it back in a chair*
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