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  1. Aureya

    Just bought the game but it's stuck

    Thank you for your answer I sent a mail to Amaranthia support because it was not possible for me to find a way to enter my key as I could not log in anymore. It seems my issue is quite unique and I am trying to install the game so that I can play at it.
  2. Hey everyone! =) I have been playing Curse during the free hour and the game disappeared so I decided to buy it. When I tried to click again on the short cut I had the message Key expired : "PABoAHQAbQBsAD4ADQAKADwAaABlAGEAZAA+AA0ACgA8AHQAaQB0AGwAZQA+AEMAdQByAHMAZQAgAGEAdAAgAFQAdwBpAGwAaQBnAGgA..."etc. I bought the game and I kept on getting the same message when I clicked on the short cut. I uninstalled the game and installed it again with a new icon on the desk and new files and it's always the same : key expired. What can I do?