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  1. salamander egg

    [d] So can I assume that I cannot just leave the game open and wait an hour? I really don't want to train because if I don't get a red salamander then I am just gonna restart from my save point.[/d] I found out that you can just leave the game open for a hour but you can't get leave it in a battle or it will stop the clock. After the 1 hour I had to go into town and then I could come back and get my salamander. I stayed in the Inn just to be sure. [d]Is it possible to save ( in separate slot ) right before I check on the egg and get a different outcome each time? or do I need to wait 1 hour every time till I get the color I want?[/d] I tried this theory and it seems to give the same color every time so it does not appear that you can do so by saving right before the hour is up. Fortunately I just checked and I got a red salamander the 1st time so I am good to go.
  2. A different karma point question

    Edited* I think I will just start over because I see now that it will take me longer to get the sphere and I also missed the music box quest. I only have 1 hour in so its not a big deal. I didn't want to use the walkthrough to play the game but I hate missing cool stuff along the way XD
  3. I read the FAQ so I understand how it works and how you can redeem yourself if you steal, but what I want to know is this: I didn't realize about the statutes till later and right now I can't get to some of the towns I was in before. Will I able to go back to all towns and at what point? like I don't know how to get back to Elfwood and the Ice Town is blocked off. Will I have to wait a lot longer now to get the special sphere or will it not really matter. I hope that made sense XD