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  1. kittyclaw

    library halaina

    Thnx, found it.
  2. kittyclaw

    library halaina

    Hi, I'm stuck in the game, I can't find the library in halaina for the secret passageway in the castle, behind the throneroom, is there a map for halaina?
  3. kittyclaw

    downloadable goodies

    Thnx Argoyle! Put them in my fav's right away!
  4. kittyclaw

    downloadable goodies

    Hi, I just bought Ean's Quest again, and I recalled there were some downloadable goodies (like all spheres for Iya), but when i got here on this site I realised they were gone Is there perhaps a page I'm completely overlooking? Love Kitty.
  5. kittyclaw

    Everybody Poops (Newsletter)

    1 over. 2 fold. 3 after. 4 yes, to see if there are marks left to brush off 5 hand 6 washing cloth, or sometimes a scrub glove...
  6. kittyclaw

    While the Cat's Away (Newsletter)

    Bring it on, I'm not running anywhere, except towards this!!! Mwuahahaha
  7. that's right, now that you mentioned them I remember them too.
  8. @aveyondlover789 why do you hope that??? I know, it's sounds hilarius but could you motivate you're answer???
  9. are there going to be goodie caves for Spook, Yvette and June in TLO???
  10. I've got the dung-shoes, but does that mean I don't have to fight any monsters in TLO? or is there a moment that the shoes loose their power or some sort?
  11. kittyclaw

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    I've played GoN till the end, in 3 days!!! can't wait for part 3, the lost orb... this is so cool
  12. kittyclaw

    Aveyond: Gates of Night [July 31, 2009]

    I would like to Galahad become a fullfledged vampire, and that he finally realises (sorry if it isn't good english) that he loves her. They make such a cute couple!!! And i'm giving all of the attraction-points to Mel, for two reasons, namely 1: to poke an eye out at Lydia, and 2: once she was a thief, and now she never have to be again!!!
  13. kittyclaw

    Aveyond: Gates of Night [July 31, 2009]

    @ Rosetta, in fact GoN = Av 3, only another chapter of the OoM-serie (Orb's of Magic= Av3) get it? I hope you do.
  14. kittyclaw

    Aveyond: Gates of Night [July 31, 2009]

    @ Veldar don't worry about that!! I'm ever so excited for GoN and I suppose it's going to be a blast!!