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  1. Hi, I'm stuck in the game, I can't find the library in halaina for the secret passageway in the castle, behind the throneroom, is there a map for halaina?
  2. Thnx Argoyle! Put them in my fav's right away!
  3. Hi, I just bought Ean's Quest again, and I recalled there were some downloadable goodies (like all spheres for Iya), but when i got here on this site I realised they were gone Is there perhaps a page I'm completely overlooking? Love Kitty.
  4. 1 over. 2 fold. 3 after. 4 yes, to see if there are marks left to brush off 5 hand 6 washing cloth, or sometimes a scrub glove...
  5. Bring it on, I'm not running anywhere, except towards this!!! Mwuahahaha
  6. @aveyondlover789 why do you hope that??? I know, it's sounds hilarius but could you motivate you're answer???
  7. I've got the dung-shoes, but does that mean I don't have to fight any monsters in TLO? or is there a moment that the shoes loose their power or some sort?
  8. I've played GoN till the end, in 3 days!!! can't wait for part 3, the lost orb... this is so cool
  9. I would like to Galahad become a fullfledged vampire, and that he finally realises (sorry if it isn't good english) that he loves her. They make such a cute couple!!! And i'm giving all of the attraction-points to Mel, for two reasons, namely 1: to poke an eye out at Lydia, and 2: once she was a thief, and now she never have to be again!!!
  10. @ Rosetta, in fact GoN = Av 3, only another chapter of the OoM-serie (Orb's of Magic= Av3) get it? I hope you do.
  11. @ Veldar don't worry about that!! I'm ever so excited for GoN and I suppose it's going to be a blast!!
  12. @camy please be patient, we all want to play GoN, and were waiting a couple of weeks now!!!
  13. I'm excited!!!! Love the Aveyond series!!! they're my fav's.
  14. on my first run of LoT i didn't use goodie's, but the second and third time i did. it was a lot easier, i can tell you that
  15. and just under GoN stand now july 2009, not july/august anymore
  16. Are there going to be SIX books on AV3? That's a huge game!!! I hope all the games are gonna be as great as LoT!
  17. I've read the interviews yesterday, and it's true! She only wants to become queen, also said that she finds Edward boring.
  18. who is that person next to galahad? looks like a monkey to me. . and does anybody know the release date already? cause LoT was so cool, I've played it twice already.
  19. I extracted the goodie straight into the data folder, and then started a complete new game. and still nothing.
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