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  1. dragongirl

    Are you afraid of death?

    i am afraid(maybe) of death....dont know ...its like going away from family and friends and school and everything...but i have always wondered whether life after death as its given in holy scriptures is true.....cant find it out till i die na..so considering that fact maybe death is sort of fun
  2. dragongirl

    Ghandi's quote - what's your opinion?

    as someone who has read about gandhiji from my 1st grade (maybe?) i can very assuredly say that GANDHI WAS RIGHT......everyone over here just read the quote once and misunderstand it as a call for mass suicide mission.....it was a call for peace. look around you..the world is not what it was before the mankind came. its crying out for peace....those who understand this philosophy have succeeded. there are just two ways-way of violence and way of peace...the future depends on what we choose
  3. dragongirl

    Intruder in the Night (original piece)

    nice story till now............really want to know what was behind the door..... i had faced this kind of a situation with my friend before.....we were alone in the house and just like this rattling noises and all......got scared to death.then we mustered up courage and decided to face it.....armed just with our maths text book............finally we found out that we were aiming our books at my friend's dog...
  4. i want to level up the party can someone tell which is the best place for levelling up(where we get lots of xp in a single battle)i tried two moon plains and white pass but it takes too long.
  5. dragongirl

    ~What Are Your Dreams/Goals/Hopes/Wishes/Desires/Etc.~

    i want 2 become a muscician....instrumentalist-veena artist.. i am in my high school and first of all i want 2 finish my language exams properly:bug: ~my crazy wish~ i want 2 meet the jonas brothers
  6. dragongirl

    Bolly or Holly?

    i have some information on present actors of bolly here akshay kumar aamir khan hrithik roshan abhishek bachchan i just got only 4 the main one is shahrukh whom kinnison already mentioned there are some good movies in bolly also personally i enjoyed:chak de india,taare zameen par,jodha akbar and black there are lots in hollywood too(really a lot) i know many hav not seen bolly movies in AM so no use of nay poll we can just use this for sharing information about world cinema.
  7. dragongirl


    where is the save game stored and is there any code file for each level
  8. dragongirl


    i am on L 51 can i import recipes and use them in my game?
  9. dragongirl

    day 55

    stuck on day 55.i cant get through this level. pls help.the time is up almost when i take the fourth order
  10. dragongirl

    hippolyte belt :help:

    where can i find the hippolyte belt pls help :ill: :Ambulance: :spider:
  11. dragongirl

    dark caverns

    how can i reach the dark caverns? i even have the map goodie but the way is blocked thanks in advance
  12. dragongirl

    Wax, Mirror, and Halloween Hills

    how the un freeze the second druid who is in halloween hills
  13. dragongirl

    Wax, Mirror, and Halloween Hills

    where is the vampire and really the entrance to the halloween from wildwood forest is blocked and it has a hole for a skull.i found the skull in a shrine but i am unable to take it.pls help.
  14. dragongirl

    Wax, Mirror, and Halloween Hills

    how to reach memory caverns? the entrance of halloween hills is blocked
  15. where can i find wax and mirror and how do i reach halloween hills.what is my next quest after reaching teacup town? :S :cry: :help: :help: aislingyngaio: Edited title to make it more meaningful