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  1. yeah, the banner and download images just lead to image-view mode. I'm glad that this game is finished though.
  2. Oh,I see. I think I get it, without the anime context. Also,you should create a method which allows people to be notified when you update your first post. Like how Ruffi posts "update" each time she has something new. I almost missed the new images when I was scrolling back to the top.
  3. Hmm, my favorite is still thee frog one. Nothing can beat it. I forgot to ask... what does the words say at the bottom of the last image? I'm sure it's Chinese, but unfortunately, I can't read it.
  4. Hello Azure! Out of all of these, I like the third one because... frogs are awesome. Yay, another deviant to watch. Mine is zephyr999745, just to let you know whose the new watcher.
  5. I think I watched an episode of the anime. Was it the one that made the guys look like they have girly lips? Well, it's only my Spanish teacher. Other teachers would say, "(name), I know you love drawing, but put that away. I'm talking." and yadda yadda.
  6. Congrats on your exam! I like the fact that you drew something related to flowers on a page about flowers. lol. Is the "find out more..." text suppose to represent an advertisement? I remember reading the prologue and thinking, "really, dude, really?" As for doodling on tests... My Spanish would always leave the back side of tests blank for students to draw/doodle afteer they're done. She knew how boring it is to wait for the bell to ring, especially if you're done early. She would correct the test and comment on drawing.
  7. Like everyone else, I also love the background, especially the tree(s) and castle design.
  8. Well, the thing that convinced me to think Sun is a woman was the chest actually. Funny, since I would want to read a wall of text about stories/characters. :3
  9. "its the very first chariot ever in the rpg maker world so I think that makes up for it" ^ That is true. Maybe I'll request something later on, if you're up for it.
  10. I also like Moon best. Something about about him/her (sorry can't tell)... or the rabbit is devouring my opinions. Sun, she's just simple. I don't have much to say for her, sadly. *looks at others* Is Sun a female or male? My judgement is failing me. :\ As for time (without repeating what others said), I'm confused at the pocket watch, which hangs from his finger. What purpose does it fulfill?
  11. Hi, Diamondmist! I really like the designs for each character. You did a good job, especially making me not realize that these were drawn with "cheap, crappy pencil colors and a cheap, crappy pen."
  12. Still, I want to know! How do you buy your milk? Carton? Bag? Jug? Do you think it's weird for milk to come in a bag? My section of the family usually buy our milk from a jug. One of my aunts buy milk from a bag from time to time, so it's not that strange to me. As for milk from a carton, I tried it in school and the taste wasn't appealing to me; A lot of my school mates hate it. xD
  13. Hello, Rekka! Never read Yuri Yuri, sadly I guess. I like the colors you used in this image. Yay, another person whose enemy is also proportions. xD
  14. All I'm thinking when I look at the image - Bored expression: "Whee... I'm falling." It's a shame that the rest of the picture are spoilers to the game 'cause it looks nice.
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