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  1. Azure

    Azure's Little Art Gallery [Non AVE]

    I saw the first digital art you did and it was a gift for me! Sweet (>w<*)!! You can do better and better, don't stop trying! And once again, thanks for saying my art inspired you. I was even too excited to fall asleep after hearing that (/ w \ *). Let's make progress together XD!
  2. Azure

    Doodled doodles (?)

    I LOVE it (T//w//T*)!! Thank you so much Meroko! I'll definitely treasure it (OuQ*)!! *huggies* And I'm impressed by you only using a mouse to do this one too. I'm sure after you've got your tablet you will do even better (OuQ*). It's just so nice to be a friend of yours; and thanks for saying that my arts inspired you to try drawing over computer. That encouraged me a lot! I'll do a dedication for you in return (>///<*)!
  3. Azure

    Azure's Little Art Gallery [Non AVE]

    Oh man... I just feel terrible when breaking rules...(/__\*) guess I'll start to reply in one post after all LOL I'm a fan of pencil-shades as well! But digital art allows me more chances to do adjustment. So normally I doodle for fun without posting them anywhere XD That pineapple accessory should be used to tie the hair up while I just hang it over his ear (/ w \*) BTW Meroko, may I ask that among Facebook, twitter and Tumblr, the most popular one is? I'm moving to the UK in September and I wanna keep a contact with my new friends, as well as the AVE fan friends like you (OuO*). So I hope to register where most of you are active. Thanks a lot! (>uO*)
  4. Azure

    Azure's Little Art Gallery [Non AVE]

    Hey Kirr (OuO*)! Your ID looks familiar to me... perhaps we have chatted before? XD Yes I do digital mostly, sometimes hand-drawing... Thanks for liking these artwork! \(>w<*\)
  5. Azure

    In an Aian Stupor ~ Kirroha's Aveyond Fanart

    Your style is cute! I like the white-haired girl on #6 and Lara on #12 best (>w<*) Oh and that AP fanart on #9, I saw it in the contest XD Still remember someone told me you're Chinese, is that true? (OuO*)
  6. Azure

    Azure's Little Art Gallery [Non AVE]

    Aww thanks a lot (///3///)!!
  7. Azure

    Azure's Little Art Gallery [Non AVE]

    Oh that Lambo one (OuO*). I thought it was a little bit too simple, so I didn't update it here... Thanks for telling me that you like it Meroko(>w<*)!!
  8. Azure

    Azure's Little Art Gallery [Non AVE]

    Awww thank you (>w<*)!! Actually that cat is a wolf XD! Don't worry, he's supposed to be a cute wolf and people should think of him as a cat, according to the anime context LOL
  9. Azure

    Azure's Little Art Gallery [Non AVE]

    Looooong time no see Meroko (/ w \*)! Miss you (///w///). I just updated 3 pics of my favorite character XD Thanks for your advice; that's a pretty good one but... I just wanna gain more Gold by replying separately *blushes* You know, the Gold in my old account is not available for this new account any more...(/__\*)
  10. Azure

    The winter background is up!

    Coooool (OuO*) Though I like the autumn one better... waiting for spring coming (>w<*)
  11. Azure

    Azure's Little Art Gallery [Non AVE]

    Thank you! Oh I love lines and details! (>w<*) Thanks for saying so *huggies*
  12. Azure

    Azure's Little Art Gallery [Non AVE]

    Smart ideas! Nice to see you again Meroko (*O3O) U r right, of course that's a boy (Ow<) I should admit that Menma's hand made her look handicapped... Still I'm not good at drawing hands (//u//)
  13. Azure

    Azure's Little Art Gallery [Non AVE]

    The camera humanization one (>w<*) I like putting black, white and red into one pic. They always match with one another so well. Thanks for liking it (OwO*)
  14. Azure

    Azure's Little Art Gallery [Non AVE]

    Thanks!(>w<*) I spent lots of time on it, so it's so nice to hear someone likes it (OuO*)
  15. Azure

    Azure's Little Art Gallery [Non AVE]

    Good suggestion(>w<*) I'll do it right now. Thanks for the tip! *huggies*