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  1. Thank you! I've grown attached to Galahad's character over the years. He was quite a stick in the mud back in Aveyond 1, but he was very developed as a character by the end of Mel's story. I wondered what his wife had in store for him with the blood she asked for. As I recall, Galahad used to only use axes for weapons?
  2. I am not sure if I missed something. I finished the game, but when I took Robin back to return Galahad's sword he stayed asleep. Does the sword ever get returned? Did I miss a trigger somewhere? I even had Robin say the sword should be returned.
  3. I was on the understanding that Colby had been a hero who attacked the Wyrmwood village and got turned into a rat. I had hopes that past a point Colby would get changed back into a human, and maybe an upgrade in his power. Maybe it'll still happen! Aside from that, everything about Boyle revolves around Fang, so that's who I default to.
  4. I have loved all the Aveyond Games! I have never been a beta tester before but this is something I've wanted to do for years. Just let me know what you need from me, and please sign me up!
  5. Thanks! Overall, a beautiful game and worth replaying. Some of the mini games like the spider webs were insanely difficult. I think the stone pieces also gave me trouble, but I can't remember if the pieces didn't fit or if I was just too blind. The mini games are worth releasing in their own right though. A huge amount of work went into this and I really appreciate it! Always a fan.
  6. I love the game, and this is fantastic work. Glitches are very few, and very minor. I had a huge amount of difficulty with the chalk drawings. Maybe I was slightly off the lines, but I thought being able to rub a line out would make this easier. It also seemed if I was off the line at first, then I couldn't finish that picture and then I couldn't finish the whole puzzle? I only found if a line wasn't straight enough I had to go out of the puzzle and back to the beginning. This ended up being the only puzzle that I didn't play through I think. Was there a trick to this that I didn't notice? I never had problems seeing where the line should be. Again, lots of fun.
  7. Thanks. I just couldn't go back to make sure
  8. We stand in line from last to first and then we play, from death till birth. I can't go back to see if I maybe just misread the poem. I couldn't go from death to egg, and then one time I went egg to death and then I got through. I maybe just didn't pay enough attention: did it read "...to death from birth?"
  9. I thought I had her actually take some monsters out - maybe a blessing type effect? I also thought it added to her defense. I'll have to go back over that area. I like the idea of a character not walking around with an obvious classical weapon and I hope this stays in the upcoming game. Too many magical types running around with wands and staves already - it's good to keep it interesting.
  10. I tried to search this, and it looks like it hasn't been discussed yet. What is a Tear? I have an idea that it is something like a Celtic buckler shield, but coming to a point (tear shaped). This would potect the elbow, but also gives another striking surface. This shield did have optional spikes coming out the center, and the bearer could have a dagger sticking out the bottom. So, a defensive device that added attack options. Steel hoops to the outer edge giving more weight to a strike? A bunch of spikes on the outer rim? Serrated blades or claws coming out the center that slowed the attacker that held them in place? Maybe used in pairs? Poison is an obvious use, but this is a weapon for the white witch daughter. Other options are Chinese Fire Wheels. Any ideas/answers out there?
  11. The game is very clean, and I love it. I started with Build A and everything I saw was fixed almost immediately. Good work. I was at the point I needed to buy the dragon, but I was out of money so I went to Clearwater to do some leveling up and found myself with the squirrels. Enjoyed myself and stayed there until I had the arrow, then I locked the squirrels in. I go back, buy the dragon and my journal already reads "finish the statue at Mt Orion" though I hadn't found Mt Orion or the statue yet. I wondered if I'd forgotten something. Anyway, it was clear how to proceed so not a big deal. I really liked this Mt Orion compared to AV1 too! Big improvement all around, each game just keeps getting better.
  12. I think the Buddah wrote that desire is the root of all suffering. Within my great-granparents life, there were multiple generations under one roof and the whole family worked on the same family farm. The house on our homestead was added to when more space was needed. I can't imagine how I could have explained the idea of a "starter home" to my relatives a century ago. Now, every member of my family lives in a whole different state or province. We can't help each other because of the distance, so we all pay others to do the work I know someone else in my family can do very well. When I look back, there was a time that a first born son like me would know the house was paid off, maybe even before I was born. Now, because I am told I want bigger and better and everything is disposable I might not finish paying off my house before retirement - and at that point, I'll probably have to get a new home and pay others to help with what I can't do anymore. But, if I ran into someone who still lived with his parents, drove a car that was 20 years old and never left the city I grew up in - with career and income equal, would I respect his choices and acknowledge that he would have much more money in hand than I would, or would I pity him and think he was pathetic? Can I really blame the very rich with their "ancestoral homes" and tight community of business and financial supports as I reject the idea of staying close to family and don't even try to utilize my community to our mutual advantage? Can I blame Walmart for a "lack of loyalty" to a community as they make decisions that keep them in business instead of functioning as a charity or going the way of many department stores before them? Similar to money, when we make smaller power sources and devices that are more energy efficient, we typically use more power - make a better car battery and alternator; make a car with interior lights, air conditioning, satellite connections for a dozen applications, stereo, heated power seats, power windows, doors and trunks, video games and movie screens, phones, etc instead of a car that merely uses less energy. And that's where "giving up our freedoms" and our things; that's where our happiness becomes the root of our saddness. We don't need "more" to be happy, but we don't think it's worth it to ourselves giving up chasing "more."
  13. Thanks, that opened up a huge piece of the game for me.
  14. Loving the puzzles, but they are hard! How to I get the key to the door in the Dark Forest?
  15. I found gold a challenge, but I liked the challenge. First off, never sell anything seems to be the rule in this game. I couldn't sell old armour to buy new without having to backtrack sometimes. I still found as I had golden goose eggs waiting for me, by the time I had gone through old areas to get gold I had a second golden egg and multiple spider eggs to go to the ferry with. If I give Mel all the mugwort in the previous games, does she come out stronger in TLO? I didn't pay attention. June needs to cast each spell 50x to get to level 5, so I found I did look for a handful of regenerating monsters to upgrade her since she couldn't attack a group until level 3 or so. I never used my level eggs, which I had used to pump up Lydia in GON. The extra combat left me with barely enough gold. Health is also all about gold this time around, which made remembering all the shops out there interesting. I needed to do that for AV2 as well as the characters could be fighting on their own. On easy, few monsters regenerate so gold is more of a challenge, and that keeps it interesting. Areas like Mt Orion were just frustrating before, I never did get a sense of the maze with the combat coming so hard and fast.
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