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  1. Thanks for letting us know :3 But would it be ok if I asked to also inform all the users that the beta testers have been selected so they don't hopelessly wait? xD Or that goes without saying?
  2. If it's possible I would be extremely happy to beta test Aveyond 4 have been waiting for this for ages! :3
  3. @D_A OMG! your Avvie and Siggie are AWESOME! especially your Siggie!
  4. Welcome Alex Have a great day as well!
  5. Omg! Kawaii!! But for me if it was for something else than the ones i said in my 1st post, a Big iguana would be good, or a small actually, i dont really mind, they are not moving much they are cute, (but i think they need much care, and i also think not loud noices (like most spiders).
  6. Thats unfair Why cant dragons exist there were the coolest beings on earth! And do not say they did not exist. I have seen many documantaries about dragons and proof that they were flying and breathing fire... They would be the best pets! xD
  7. I guess that silk would be like Mithril from lord of the rings... Like frodos shirt. It also sounds cool! LOL!
  8. Ye komodo Dragons are awesome! But they become to big and they are to lazy! xD
  9. lol that sounds amazing! So if someone who murdered someone, and claims he didn't do it, They can scan his brain and see if he really did the murder or not SO COOL
  10. OMG! One of my favorite questions! I would definitely have a spider Tarantula. Any kind of Tarantula would do! I only want her to be huge! As big as my hand this is the main i would like to have http://www.arachnopets.com/tarantulas/tcaresheets/lparahybanac.htm And (if they were to exist ofc...) a Dragon! I dont know where i would raise him! But i would definitely have one EDIT: The reason i don't have a pet spider is that if i had, my mother would either kill the spider, or kick me from the house x)
  11. LOOOL! Invisibility Cloaks???! I want one!!! and LOL! Human mind can be hacked? xD What does that mean? xD
  12. lol this beautiful word has so deep meanings so interesting! The 1st time i heard the word "Amaranth" i never thought it would be such an interesting flower xD
  13. lol i guess everyone knows this song ye the word Amatanth is pretty common xD but so cool! and lol this thread is OLD!
  14. Actually... The 1st time i used the cash cow i found her very easy... The last time i played AV1 and used the cash cow thingy, i couldn't find the cow anywhere =d. Well i don't really care though... But could it be buged? or our mistake for not searching good enough? =d
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