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  1. Okay, okay, sorry :S It's hard to keep track of what are considered "offensive" or "inappropriate", y'know?
  2. @Esme: Wow, touchy :roll: So I said it's dumb if the site have issues with incest, and? That is not the same as you telling me that it's dumb for me to draw incest. Why are YOU taking offense when I wasn't calling YOU dumb? @Renoir: My point precisely.
  3. @shaz: was under the impression that racy means naked people and that so long as no private partsa are visible it's fine. @esme: Nobody called YOU dumb. Geez. Not-incest between adopted siblings happen too many times in pg-13 manga so I think it's dumb if that was considered mature. Shows what I know. @Renoir: go figure :roll:
  4. I'm not seeing anything wrong with the Ravencest one :roll: They're not naked, they're not doing anything suggestive. Just an implication that they kissed. Big deal. What, is kissing too racy for this site too? Unless the issue is the incest, then that's just dumb :facepalm: Nobody said they're blood-related. I'm allowed to say that they're adopted siblings.
  5. I can't draw. Behold my lame stuff. Gyengyen :loving: :loving: :loving: :loving: :loving: He's hooooottt :love: Amaranthia reaaaaaaaallly needs a drool icon >.< http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/180/9/1/aveyond_orbs_of_magic_gyendal_by_darkthropprophecy-d55c5mj.jpg[/img] Daevaaaaaaassss... They're brothers and sisters. Nanghaithya is the big bro. Indra is the middle sis. Saurva is the youngest kid. Is it just me or does Saurva kinda looks like Thor? http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/203/f/2/daeva_famiglia_by_darkthropprophecy-d57yjgm.jpg[/img]
  6. I also want that derp-Gyendal pillow. Make one for me!
  7. RENOIR I AM HERE YOU BETTER COME GREET ME :evil: I started with playing Darkthrop Prophecy, then backtracked and played the rest, hence my name. Not much of a forum-goer, but I'll hang around when I can :lock:
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