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  1. Bump. Just wanted to let people know the game is done. Here's the demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?2r4srl5aur3r8db
  2. "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." (Genesis 1:1) The first creation was imperfect and destroyed. God recreated the world in the hopes of creating something that would not sin. This is the story of second creation. The story starts in Eden, the city dedicated to God. Merton, a royal guard of the city and Maria, his wife live a peaceful existence in Eden. But, one day something is done that was never meant to be done. The consequences shape the future for generations to come. Yes, this is a biblical allegory if you haven't figured it out yet. Characters: Merton: The main protagonist of the story. Him and wife, Maria, get kicked out of Eden after a certain mishap occurs. He then lives in isolation for several hundred years; still unable to find the peace that he once had in Eden. A chance meeting with his friend, Orpheus changes the course of events and gives Merton a chance at redemption. Merton uses a sword and is a master of defensive skills to keep your party alive for difficult fights. Maria: Merton's wife. Her meeting with a wandering stranger in Eden causes the downfall of the entire town. What follows is several hundred years of her and Merton living in isolation. She is curious and a bit slow of wit but, her loyalty to her husband is unquestionable. She is a white mage who excels in wind and curative magic. Orpheus: After a fit of rage causes him to commit an atrocious crime, he is exiled from Eden, like Merton and Maria before him. He lives his days wandering from one end of the earth to the other. His short temper and independent personality have yet to be changed after all these years. But, that is all about to change soon... Orpheus wields a lance and uses offensive skills in battle. Lance: A righteous man before God. In this era of wickedness and lawlessness, there is a man that still walks with God. But, the world is not worthy of those such as Lance. His meek and humble demeanor cause many to wonder at why he is so different from the rest. It is Lance who presents Merton with the truth that Merton once knew. Azer: Another servant of God. He warns the city dwellers of the coming flood but, his words fall on deaf ears. It is through him and the ark that life will be preserved upon the earth. Him and his family work on the ark for a hundred years... their diligence is about to pay off. Azer is a green mage and uses status and earth magic. Felix: Azer's oldest son. He is calm and composed. He specializes in archery and uses speed and accuracy-modifying skills. He has some other interesting skills that can be used outside of battle such as "Ambush" which raises the pre-emptive strike rate. Agi: Azer's second son. He's a jovial fellow and seems to jest often. But, he is actually very serious in reality. He uses claws in battle and elemental physical attacks. Later on he learns some useful curative skills. Urgehal: Azer's youngest son. He is very sinister-looking and rarely speaks. His very presence makes most tremble. He uses axes and status attacks in battle. Gameplay details: The game features Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine and Fomar0153's ATB system. Some skills will have recovery times and they might be quite long for very powerful skills. Hopefully this will add some level of strategy later in the game. So, it is NOT side-view. I felt like keeping it front-view this time around. It just seems to work better. You can change party members during battles after a certain point in the game (this gives me an excuse to make enemies harder later on. )lol. You can also change your battle party to less than 4 characters... although this is not recommended unless you want a challenge. There will also be a synthesis shop system done entirely through events (all the scripts I found were way too complex for what I wanted). In this system you bring in some amount of your battle spoils won from battles, pay a fee and get an accessory for your troubles. I might implement it for things other than accessories later on in the game. Most enemies do not drop money (let's face it. it makes no sense why a rat/orc/snake/wolf etc, would drop money). Instead they drop battle spoils which can be sold or synthesized. Screenshots: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?inxzdwuqr8f1r#zcueepzp4joil72,grid *For some reason the screenshots don't want to show up... just click the link/s and you'll get to see them. I didn't have this issue with the other 3 threads I made. edit: The first installment is complete! It's about 5-6 hours long. I'll try and get it on Amaranth. I'm thinking of selling it for $9 for those of you that are interested. There will be a demo for those that are still skeptical.
  3. Story: Aria, the daughter of the Green Crystal elder has been burdened with the task of acquiring the power of the Green Crystal. She must do this to prevent the resurrection of the their ancient foe that comes back every 200 years. But, Chronos, the Earth Guardian, foretells his coming and Aria must now venture to acquire the remaining three crystals. Together with the aid of her companions she completes her task but she meets many unexpected enemies along the way. Who she thought were her friends turn out to be foes and she no longer knows whom to trust. She is presented with 2 paths: Will she arrive at the correct conclusion? *Warning* The second half of the game contains a lot of religious elements. If Christianity offends you then you might not want to play. World: The game takes place in the world of Ormus. Every 200 years an enemy that threatens the world attacks Ormus. No one knows what the enemy is or why it attacks since no records or details remain after the assault. The world continues to exist so they just assume someone stopped the attack. There are 4 crystals in Ormus, each embodied with the power of one of the elements. A village guards each crystal and chooses a person to inherit the powers of the crystal. Such is the way that Ormus insures its safety. The 4 people who are charged with wielding the power of the crystals are supposedly those that save Ormus from its demise every time. But is that really the truth? There are 3 continents: North, East, and West. Aria and her companions only explore the East and West continents. There are also places outside the world of Ormus... Gameplay: This rpg features a side-view battle system that's active time (all done through scripts that talented people were nice enough to post online). This game is non-traditional in that it has no levels, equipment, money, or world maps. Instead, characters raise parameters by using items called Crystals which are created through shard-merging (shards are obtained from enemies after battles). Spells are obtained from items or storyline events. Since a currency does not exist, items are obtained after battles or treasure chests. The player moves from one screen to the next with no world map to explore (like Star Ocean 3 or Secret of Mana for example). Game Length: 12+ hours (includes sidequests) Main Characters: Aria (Age 19): She is serious about her responsibility as Green crystal bearer but, lacks the faith in her own abilities. Nevertheless, she starts off on her quest to claim the other 3 crystals' powers. Along the way she realizes that things are not as they appear and she questions the purpose of her quest. Later, she finds out that her life's destiny is determined by one simple question. She uses a rapier in battle and is proficient in healing. She also learns elemental saber attacks and various other spells. Blight (Age 24?): Very little is known about Blight. He just shows up an offers his help to Aria. He is calm, composed, and slightly aloof. He also seems to be really old but only looks to be in his early twenties. There are just too many mysteries about him but, in time his true character reveals itself. Blight wields a lance in battle, uses debuffs, status spells, and some low-level elemental spells. While he can use the elements, it is ill advised to use them unless you plan to raise his Magic power substantially. Chronos (Age ???): He is the Earth Guardian and is the one that warns Aria of the impending doom that Ormus faces. He is loyal to Aria and honors her wishes even if he has some doubts about her judgment. Chronos uses an axe in battle. His spells are mostly buffs but he also learns some healing spells. He also has the potential to be a powerful physical attacker. His presence is vital for later boss fights. Diamond (Age 17): She is Aria's best friend and joins her on the quest to claim the crystals' powers. She's just there to support Aria and because she wants to see Ormus remain peaceful. She uses a rod in battle. Her primary form of attack is elemental spells and she can become a powerful mage if used correctly. Screenshots: Credits: Scripts Wait Guage (9 scripts) - Ziifee Simple SBS - Reedo Custom Menu - KGC Pseudo 3D Battleback - Cozziekuns YEZ Custom Status Properties - Yanfly YEZ Core Fixes and Upgrades - Yanfly Revive State Script - Enu Credits Script - Jet Class Stat Limit - Mithran Resources Title Screen - Rekx Windowskin Generator - Aindra and Woratana Character Generator - Damian666 Music Claude Debussy Hiroshi Tamwari Hitoshi Sakimoto Masashi Hamauzu Motoi Sakuraba Nobuo Uematsu Shinji Tamura Tappi Iwase Tsuyoshi Sekito Yasunori Mitsuda Yoko Shimomura Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?pwcsgit7918dfs7 You don't need to download anything extra to play.
  4. Story: 1000 years ago, Narg the Frost Dragon was sealed in his own castle. For 1000 years, Narg Island remains peaceful...but can peace truly last forever? There are those who wish to revive Narg and the unsuspecting villagers are simply not fit to fight after such a prolonged peace. A man named Drake and his 2 companions are caught in the middle of this story and seek out to stop this resurrection. But, is defeating Narg truly enough? What if one was to lose everything in the process? Can Drake truly discern good from evil? What is truth? Drake is just really confused by the time it's all over and doesn't know who to believe anymore. The story begins when a man named Gran tells Drake that he knows about his past. Drake and Gran then embark on a journey to Vorn (Drake's hometown). But, there is a cliche detour involved as usual. Drake then finds himself on a quest to prevent the revival of Narg. Not really having the time to question anyone's motives, Drake fails to notice that suspicious behavior of those around him. But, what can he do but to trust his new friends when he cannot remember his past life? World: The story takes place on Narg Isle. Narg Isle was named after Narg, the dragon who got sealed there by the "Heroes". There are 2 towns: Ark and Vorn. Both are quiet and very isolated from the mainland. War and strife are simply not known on this island. But, over the last 6 months the island has started changing and the animals have gotten more violent. Silver and Gold Towers: What purpose these ancient towers have is unknown to the general public. Forest of Exile: A forest between Ark and Vorn. It got its name after Grimhelm spent 10 years there honing his Mercenary abilities. Clear River: A sidequest area. What secrets does it hide? Narg Tunnel/ Castle Narg: Who would be foolish to venture there? The locals haven't touched it for a millennium. Main Characters Drake: A young man who lives in Ark but, is originally from Vorn. He is a descendent of Grimhelm (one of the “Heroes"). He arrived in Ark 6 months ago covered in blood and passed out. He was nursed back to health but, he cannot remember his past (I know it's cliche). He's an adept swordsman and obviously doesn't remember why. His life changes when he meets Narg, a mysterious man who claims to know Drake very well. But, is Drake ready to find out what kind of man he was in the past? Drake's primary duty in battle is just to attack. Later on, he gets some skills once he becomes a Mercenary. Mirage: A bold woman who is a descendent of the "Heroes" and Mr. Kain's slave girl. She seems to be quite knowledgeable in the ancient tales and knows more about them then the common person. But, it is as if she knows TOO much. Drake trusts her and never questions her agenda. She is a mage skilled in using the elements. She is the primary damage dealer and helps end battles quickly. Ivan: An emo kid who speaks in Kingslish. He's originally from the mainland (Eastern continent) but, the ship he was on crashed on Narg Isle. His older sister talks Drake into taking Ivan along for the journey. Ivan refuses at first but, agrees after realizing he might as well have some fun (even though Ivan is a firm believer in Nihilism.) Despite having a bad attitude, Ivan makes a pretty good white mage. He later learns spells to help you get around more easily and is the only one who can revive a character. Other Characters Gran: Claims to know Drake. He offers to help him journey to Vorn to see his parents. They get to the Forest of Exile but, cannot pass... an rpg-like detour comes after that. Gran has a mysterious air about him and he acts peculiar. Felix: Drake's friend who nurses him back to health after he found him bleeding outside the village. He lends Drake a helping hand when he needs it. Isis: Plays piano at the bar. She is also Ivan's sister and Felix's wife. She really likes playing Debussy. Maybe you should visit her at the bar. Kain: Stereotypical pervy old man who has a 15 year old slave girl named Mirage. He has some evil plans it seems. Grimhelm: Founder of the "Mercenaries" and one of the ancient "Heroes" who sealed Narg the Frost Dragon Sceenshots Credits Scripts: Wait Guage (9 scripts total) - Ziifee Lite Menu - Woratana Pseudo 3D Battlebacks - Cozziekuns Miscellaneous: Windowskins - Aindra and Woratana Face Generator - CompulsoryHero and Sick Dezign Character Generator - Damian666 Logo - Cooltext.com Music: Claude Debussy Hiroshi Tamawari Hitoshi Sakimoto Koichi Sugiyama Michiru Oshima Miki Higashino Motoi Sakuraba Shinji Tamura Shoji Meguro Yasunori Mitsuda Story: Me Mapping: Me Database: Me RPG Maker VX and RTP: Enterbrain Special Thanks: God My friends (You know who you are) Game Length: 3-4 hours Download Link: http://www.4shared.com/file/8V3aIcYw/Drake_II.html The RTP is included in the download so you won't need to download anything else.
  5. "Drake: Tale of a Mercenary" was created before Drake II and is therefore inferior to it. I thought I'd still post it for those that are interested and/or bored. It's a 2-3 hour game for RPG Maker VX and it is complete and in its final version. The Story: Drake, a mercenary, is hired to slay a dragon. He doesn't really care about the people suffering and just wants the money. There's nothing else to the story. The game takes place on a small Island called Prism. There is 1 small town called Prism (not very surprising) and there are just a few townspeople. You can go into the final dungeon from the very beginning of the game but, you'll probably die. There are 3 other dungeons on the island that have bosses at the end. That's where you grind till you're ready to face the final boss. There's just 1 character: Drake. You get a few abilities throughout the game to help fight those tough bosses. The battle system is the standard one and there aren't that many extra scripts added. The ones that are added are just for aesthetics like Lite Menu and a battleback script. Screenshots Drake I credits Enterbrain: RTP package Me: Story, maps, database, and events Music Koichi Sugiyama Enterbrain Scripts Synthesize: Battle background vixotic: Damage Pop-up sykval: Menu Bars Woratana: Lite Menu Resources Famitsu: Sprite Generator Fox Richards: Face Generator BTN343: Battlebackground Maker Woratana: Windowskin Generator Download link: Drake I You will need the RPG Maker VX RTP to play it: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/run-time-package
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