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  1. @daeva_agas There are still dairy companys that will deliver milk to your home in the U.S. but in glass bottles. They pick up the empty bottles when they bring more and reuse them. We have one named "Homestead Creamery". Thats really cool that your family has actually made soy milk. I didn't know that was something the adverage person could make.
  2. Hello Emma! I'm new here so I wouldn't remember you but welcome! @Cakey didn't know you hadn't introduced yourself already. lol
  3. For me it's gotta be the boy/guy that does everything he knows to do but she wants nothing to do with him. Then finally, when he's almost about to give up hope, they get together.
  4. Even though an unexpected ending that is rather tragic can leave you feeling sad, It is better than everything having a happy ending. I don't want games to be predictable.
  5. Plastic gallon jugs. 1 or sometimes 2 gallons of 1% per week.
  6. I agree with Haneul. I try to eliminate all enemies within an area so I can explore and search for loot without being hassled. I usually take up to twice as long to finish a game as the adverage because I spend a lot of time scrounging around looking for stuff and I am cautious and methodical when I fight. In games where skill points must be assigned and decision tree paths selected, I torment myself over the choices. I have also been known to grind alot to ensure I'll have enough money, weapons, and supplies because I am always afraid of running out. :dual:
  7. Welcome Nikos! Hope you have fun here.
  8. @EsmeAmelia You shouldn't have to think that way here. This should be your "safe haven" :pals:
  9. I believe that whether or not you eat meat or meat derivatives (reguardless of the reason) is one's own choice and neither is inherently wrong. I don't think we should try to impose our own beliefs on this subject upon one another. :peace:
  10. Glossophobia.....fear of public speaking. Acrophobia.........fear of heights.
  11. @An. Thanks, I love college sports! -------------- @theAdept_Rogue What r you talking about? The camera loves you! I like your hair but I'm sure it would look good shorter too.
  12. I agree with Nurmengard. I get enjoyment from having and collecting the actual book. The same goes for movies. I will buy a dvd/blu-ray of a movie that I really like that is available on netflix. BUT I do see Ruffi's point as being a valid one for her situation. I just hope that paper books never become extinct in lieu of digital ones.
  13. :wu: Owlz' Welcome to the asylum.
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