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  1. Nope, still have note gotten the Windshire prisoner. But I'm pretty sure I'm done with the kobold area. Thx.
  2. Yes, I realized this after I posted !! I'm still working on getting Fang. I can't figure out how to get the Windshire prisoner (and, yes, you can tell me if you want !!). Why do these games have to get progressively more difficult. It's fun just to figure out the puzzles and quests like in the beginning. Oh, well, thx for the help. Again, I had my question answered. Got the prisoner and told the mayor both guys are locked up. However, where is Fang ?? The frog is in the cage in the mayor's daughter's room now. Merged posts. ~Mopiece
  3. Where is it, and how do I get the Whispering Grub for the resize potion?
  4. I am also confused by this kobold quest. I have been in that cave with the square patch and it moved but nothing happened that I could see in that cave. Am I to go somewhere else afterwards? I've already been to the place where the four creatures were standing and beat them. What am I looking for here ?? I have not gotten both the Mayor's enemies, just the 2-card flip guy. I don't know how to get the guy out of prison in Wndshire, either.
  5. Has anyone used the new Strategy Guide by Amaranth? Is it worth purchasing? Thx.
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