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    jozee1026 reacted to Skippy in Halaina's Dungeon Guide! (spoilers)   
    wow!!! Thanks a lot for tall this!!/// without it I would have never be able to finished this part
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    jozee1026 reacted to Pokémon in Halaina's Dungeon Guide! (spoilers)   
    Since I haven't seen a complete guide of this on the forums, I took the liberty of writing a step-by-step guide on how to beat the dungeon in the basement of Halaina's Castle, for those of you who are stuck in this tricky section.  Obviously this will contain spoilers.  Tell me if anything is wrong!
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    jozee1026 reacted to Mopiece in Where to find witch in Tor?   
    Please stop being so combative when asking for help. This topic was started when the game was first released. During the time the game was first released, Amaranth Games likes to just give hints instead of just handing out the answer. That way people can find the answer by themselves.
    But the answer your looking for is the chicken near the entrance of Tor, hence the hint cluck cluck.
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