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  1. Big Plans For March So we are ending our February and coming into what could be our biggest event since our Kickstarter campaign. We are on a schedule of releasing our playable demo by the third week of March. We want to give you guys a little incite of what the demo will contain and how things have changed since our campaign up until now. Demo News The demo will be about an hour long depending on how you play it. It will be more or less an intro into the actual story and feature our main character. When we release the demo we are really going to be looking for some strong feedback, everything will be upgraded and we feel we can not make a great experience without your input. Our goal is to make a really great game, we want the game to do well commercially and critically. Voice work We have had some issues with the voice work for some of the characters in the demo. Most of that was due to some of the voices we rushed and acquired shortly before its release. Now we are going with our core and strongest group of voice actors for the next showcase. That would include Jalen K. Cassell, the voice of Jagen , Cecilia Yus, who will voice Mioni and hopefully Amira, Echo Viridian as Sinara, and our newly acquired voice actress Danielle Mcrae who will be the new voice of Sen. Sprite Work We are wrapping up this month with a lot of great news and content. I have been working on Jagen again and I have been making his sprite look more like the image that Ricky has drawn. I have added more detail to his armor and upgraded his gauntlet to look more like Ricky's detailed work. Using this design I have been implementing it into Jagen's combo animations and I really like how they look opposed to what they were before. This new version will be featured in the demo, so he will definitely have to look the best he can look. I have also been working on some animations dealing with the character sprites such as climbing, jumping, bending down, and stance. Here is a small example of Sen's in game map sprite. We have enlisted some more on on tile sets over the past couple of weeks and the production has been fantastic! We have had some really talented people come along and the work they have produced along with our contracted spriter is amazing you are really going to enjoy what we have to offer as far as landscapes go. Music I firmly believe that we should have one of the best soundtracks for an indie game this year. Mark continues to impress with his remakes of our older tracks. Jagen's new battle theme may be one of the the best tracks he's made so far. I personally think Jagen has all of the best music associated with him. I can not wait to hear you guys' opinions on it. The Full Game We have plans to release the game in the near two to three months. That being said, I want to clarify what this game will feature and what may be left out as far as the first chapter goes. As you all should know, this game is going to be chapter 1 of a full length RPG experience. We aim to make the chapters at least between 14 and 17 hours. We have 3 playable characters, 8 areas in 4 locations, and a few secret ones too, all in the first chapter. What we may or may not be leaving out is an additional playable character and 3 more areas which would just take a little bit more time but could be added to the next chapter.We shall find out what we could do with that by the end of March. -Tyrell and Whitney White
  2. Hey Guys, We have had a lot of progress since our funding. We have moved along since than and I have had a lot less time to actually post them anywhere so I am going to try to take a day and do that. That being said here is our latest update and you can check our blog to keep up to date and see our other progress since. Demonsrevenge.com Hey guys! This update is a bit late, but there were somethings I really wanted to show. I have been playing around with Spriter Pro and I was able to make a pretty fluid animation for Jynx's stance. For a spriter, this program is very exciting for me and there are many things that you can do with it. Debbie, another sprite artist I have working with me, did a great job on animating the arm as well as other key frames to animations that we have been working on together. She is really good in different forms of animation and her work challenges me to make my work much better. Here is another animation of a minor enemy we worked on together. In a previous update we were talking about getting our custom battle effects, we have been working with Oray Studios and they have produced some really cool stuff. They are really great to work with and are very efficient with time and production as they had completed them in a short time period. http://vid105.photobucket.com/albums/m219/trexrell/DemonsRevenge/Battle%20animations/16.Sens%20Attack%20Down_zpswh9rqtmz.mp4 http://vid105.photobucket.com/albums/m219/trexrell/DemonsRevenge/Battle%20animations/17.Sens%20Attack%20Left%201_zpshpvhfsdr.mp4 http://vid105.photobucket.com/albums/m219/trexrell/DemonsRevenge/Battle%20animations/20.barrier%20Breaking%201_zps8l41f41z.mp4 We have an update on the battlesystem and we are excited to really get some more work completed on it. We have a small preview of the battle system and as you can see we went in a slightly different direction on the way you do combos. One of our backers Steven introduced us to Xenogears and we loved the way those combos were performed so we did our own variation on it. Thanks Steven! We hope that you all will have fun with it as we plan to make it as fun as possible to go into battles. This is a very raw preview of it, as it does not have the effects that we showed earlier in this update as well as the proper hitsparks, timing, etc. We are working to get a new demo/beta up in March and we are finalizing our end point for our project (at least for the 1st chapter). In March, we want to give everyone another chunk of gameplay like we had done in our previous demo. There will be a completely different portion of the game and you will definitely see the differences that we were able to produce with the funding. We are really eager and excited to get your feedback on what we have so far and we are working hard to make an engaging and interesting experience. One thing that we regretfully may not show is the card game, although it is being worked on we have a slight delay in it. It has made Yin pretty upset, but as you all know we have a pretty hard time letting things like that bring us down for long and we will take the positive and move on with that. Thanks for checking out our updates everyone. We are doing pretty well and we really hope that you like what we will show you guys sometime in March. -Tyrell and Whitney White
  3. We have decided to give kickstarter one last try and we are currently sitting at 44% within the first couple of days. We need as much support as possible and we are calling on the community to help us get our game fully funded and unto steam. Kickstarter Steam Greenlight
  4. So Yin has been working on a crafting system. The way it will work is you throw a bunch of items into a mix and then BAM. Item made! Or… not. Once you discover the recipe/formula/whatever I decide to call them, you can easily create it over again. Fun stuff. A thing that I’m trying to add right now is creating bonus items! Once you put in a recipe, you have the option of adding bonus items to create a brand new item. These items will add in new features to the base item. Say you have a Lohal Vial which on it’s own heals 500 or 50% of HP, that is the base item, but you can add in up to 2 additional items. You can get a Potent Lohal Vial of Fire. An item like that might heal more as well as give a boost in fire resistance. That is not something that you can find anywhere in the game because you INVENTED it! That is actually functioning perfectly fine, but the aesthetics are killing me. The item list is not displaying properly and item names are appearing in the wrong spot among other errors. With this news, I wanted to introduce a character who will be your go to gal for this stuff: Mioni is the most knowledgeable alchemist from Annox Desert. Her father is one of the most decorated solders in the Annox military, which gave her the opportunity to learn from some of the most skilled alchemists in the city. Mioni is considered sort of an oddball, she almost never leaves her home and strange things seem to happen there quite frequently. She always experiments with new recipes and she is never shy of testing something new on the first test subject she finds. Mioni will become very important in the game as she will be your central hub for discovering and creating new items and enhancements. Alchemy plays a rather large role in Demon’s Revenge. It is the basis of the crafting system and a very important commodity in Hasphal. On Hasphal, it has always been considered an essential part of human culture. Studied and manufactured by those with the means and proper equipment to produce it, alchemy is perhaps the greatest form of medicine in all of Hasphal. Although healing is considered the most useful form of alchemy, it is also useful in combat mostly against demons. It can also be used to enhance a weapon’s effectiveness as well as powerful concoctions used to cripple enemies. Another thing I’ve been working on is a total revamp of the enhancement system. As it is now, I don’t like it much, not much can be customized. Just some stat boosts. I want to add enhancements that give you status effects, can be cursed and sealed, give you skills for as long as it is slotted, increase exp rate, etc. I may also do a visual overhaul, but nothing too different from what it is now. Lastly, we’ve been having some computer trouble… Actually it’s just me, but I’m the one who puts everything together, so my computer going down is a big problem. Fortunately it was fixed. It’s on its last limb, but it is working and we can be grateful for that! Thanks for reading! We’ll see you in the next update.
  5. Hey guys check out the demo comments and critiques are more than welcomed. http://demonsrevenge.com/stuff/CTDR%20Setup.exe
  6. So most of April has been about trying to bring you guys a demo worth playing as well as preparing for the kickstarter coming in May. The demo is coming along pretty well so far, but it pains me to say that we will have to release the demo in parts again, as the other parts still need time to be perfected. The first part being Jagen’s introduction, the second part being Sen’s introduction, and the third part showcasing the first real town in the game including a big beautiful palace which took me some time to get done. We thought we’d have more of the battle system done by now, but that has been going veeeery slow and we only have a small bit of it to show which will indeed be included in the demo. A still image cannot do this justice. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek Come join us for the launch on May 5th! Kickstarter beginning on May 5th!
  7. All the artwork and music is original and made for the game. Inception soundtrack and I can certainly see how one could make that connection.
  8. 4th quarter 2015. If all goes well.
  9. Hey everyone we have a pretty functional battle system but it is missing certain features that we feel we can not show until we have those key things taken care of. We pride ourselves in the innovation and presentation that we have showed off so far and we really want to carry that through from here on out. So we are working on getting those things done and showing you soon. In other news we have recently put Demon's Revenge on Steam Greenlight. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=249961324 We are excited to see what gamers have to say about it. So if you have something to ask us do so and do not forget to vote.
  10. Tech demo. This is basic gameplay the battle system is coming soon please let us know what you think. :awwww:
  11. Thanks! I am glad that you like it.
  12. Hey guys check out our Intro and let me know what you think.
  13. Check this video out and let me know what you think of this one. This is the type of cut scenes we are going to use to increase the tension and action while retaining that comic book feel. You guys can check out our website and other social media for more info and updates if you like what you see. https://www.facebook.com/De... https://www.Demonsrevenge.com https://twitter.com/_DemonsRevenge_
  14. Thanks guys. I'm glad you liked the logo. We have held auditions for the demo we are working on and here is a small showcase.
  15. We decided to change the name of our game to something less generic. Since Demons Revenge is the name of a previously released flash game, we need to make something a bit more diverse. So we went with adding Celestial Tear to the title which is the name of the universe in which Demon's Revenge takes place. We love the idea for a shared universe with in our games, and we think having it in the title makes our project more diverse. We are between these three color schemes at the moment. I love how it came out.
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