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  1. SkylarkStone

    Introduce Yourself :)

    Hello everyone Can call me sky, I am kinda missed this site and Aveyond so here I am back! I am also checking out the new Aveyond whether it has the special element like my number 1 game forever, Aveyond Rhen Quest~ I missed my beautiful enchanting Rhen, handsome and arrogant Lars, mysteriously vampress Teijal and respectable Galahad (the baldy Dameon is an exception). The adventure is so magical and interesing..I cannot get the same feeling with the next series tho but I am gonna check it out while hoping for a miracle!
  2. when I first playing aveyond rhen quest my silliest mistake is I did not realized the way to Veldarah. I keep fight the chicken and wondering how to proceed the game. So I gave up while thinking how short this game perhaps. After a few months, I have tried again and go through the road while keep moving forward to run away from the chicken and accidentally transfer me to the new map and.. my sleepless night begin..
  3. SkylarkStone

    small black dot (SPOILER WARNING)

    thanks for the quick respond..its clear my misunderstanding.
  4. for the walkthrough,they mention about small black dot on some particular spot as stormbend area and etc which can lead to goodie caves. i have re-check those 5 spots but find nothing. i wonder if those black dot is too small cause i'm not playing in full screen. or can someone guide me, maybe screenshots on that particular dot locations will do.
  5. SkylarkStone

    Do You Eat Chicken Soup When You're Sick?

    Actually,you can replace pain killer with ginger and jasmine. @Valky: you are absolutely right about it. Herbs are ideal for beauty application due to their health enhancing effects, thus creating beauty from within. For you, garlic can be use as cold inhibitor. For me, my remedy is food and my food is remedy.
  6. SkylarkStone

    Fantasy On mother's day

    there are something wrong with this game. when i step in madam dora room before the quest to help mr vamir's love, my character seems invisible. so i back to title i guess. BTW,nevin and arthur are so cute..
  7. SkylarkStone

    Gone~ (Dreal fanfic~!)

    sad love's story...well done..
  8. SkylarkStone

    The Time Runes

    Honestly, in AV1 i prefer pairing rhen with lars..< sigh...nice work.
  9. SkylarkStone

    The Inn [AV3, MelxEdward]

    ........ nice work
  10. SkylarkStone

    Do You Eat Chicken Soup When You're Sick?

    Actually, it depends on person. chicken soup content high protein and has lot of water which can relieves pain and give more water to human body. And it will become more healthiest food if you mix up with some herbs as cinnamon, ginger, pomegranate, garlic, onion, etc. Just to share, Garlic and union known as anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation, anti-cancer, block nuclear factor-kb and etc. the rest also has good prop. so, it makes sense if those will make you feel better. And of course, relying on complementary medicine than modern medicine is very good for every part of human..
  11. yes, AV1 is my first RPG. i found it at Yahoo Games and ended up here. AV1 also make me know RPG world the best.But, how to say... to me AV1 is 1st rank RPG even with so many others, maybe this is called first love so special.
  12. My mistake is i don't realized myself that I'm not changing equipment.In other words, i don't know to select the best equipment. i just don't get it by strength, agility and rather choose randomly any equipment..but, i realize it at second try. i feel so silly..
  13. SkylarkStone

    Anime is a sin?!

    haha..you get it..dreamless btw, i like your words, Aeternus.
  14. SkylarkStone

    Anime is a sin?!

    anime means dream..all about dreams..
  15. SkylarkStone

    irekismaren1011 - The Blacksmith's Apprentice

    yes you are..there are some part in the jungle of garrison cant be access which i think has the same reason.