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  1. Hehehe Aisling your fanfic sure make me play AV2 *again* with Nicolas in my party. You're right about Nicolas and Ava relationship, so cutee Rye and Emma pairing also cute It makes me wanted to know about Nicolas and his big bro love line. I'm pretty sad when I had to choose the ending whether I should come back with Iya or became soldier with Rye (I don't chose the last option since I don't know what the heck I should do :\), I'm still hoping that I can live with Iya in grimm farm
  2. I'm agree with Negar-Bendy. Before, I always thought that Nicolas only a brat in prince's clothing. Well this fanfic sure make me wanted to play AV2 again with Nicolas in my team
  3. You're AMAZING Blurble!! Your story is rich with words and expression, I can't stop my fantasies about this story!! I really like your style in expressing personalities of every character in your story, it's looks super real and its like what I had expected after playing the games so far! There're also a side quest and cave of moth! Woah it makes me want to play Aveyond again! I really like Ed x Mel couple and you wrote their story in the most romantic way they do Even thought Mel always complain how annoying Ed was, Mel keep thinking about her memories with Ed, she even call their little chasing game as an excursion! so cute! I really like your story! I'll patiently wait for your update
  4. The Script sounds interesting. Let's try it~
  5. Can't wait for AV4 release!!

  6. Well, I believe many amaranthian game use the same battle system like ahriman prophecy. If I could give you recommend, I recommend Ella's Hope and Aveyond series. It's super good
  7. Wanna play game but many homework to do :(

  8. I'd love to beta test! I've been waiting this game since the last series~ please pick mee :D
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