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  1. thank you for this... playing the game again after a long time... and a computer crash... searched everywhere for this walkthrough. love the game. great job with this.
  2. thank you for the help... I truly appreciate it.
  3. the links don't work for me either... is there anyway to get them any more??? sorry for the bother.
  4. Bladezuez


    thank you... am actually in the process of slowly play testing "Advent" and like what I see so far.
  5. Bladezuez

    Breathing Aian Air (Aveyond Fanart)

    I have to say that I am really impressed with these art exhibits and such. I just wish that I could draw like this but alas I totally suck at art. Maybe when I get around to doing graphics for any games I might make I will have to come here to see about getting help.
  6. Bladezuez


    sent you the pm 8)
  7. Bladezuez

    Adventure Game Studio

    I feel like somewhat of an idiot now. ooopppsss.
  8. Bladezuez

    Adventure Game Studio

    checking this one out myself. It looks interesting enough. EDIT: the games link gives an invalid page.
  9. Bladezuez

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

    Congratz on the graduation. I remember those days vaguely. Anyways, it is a great thing to do these days. Good luck in your future studies.
  10. Bladezuez


    I don't know if you are still looking for testers? maybe I am too late for this one? but I would be willing to help out if I can.
  11. Bladezuez


    I like the sound of this one. If you are still in need of testers please consider me? keep up the good work. 8)
  12. Bladezuez

    Tales of the Seven Jewels (Parts I and II)

    Just wanted to let you know that I was able to get the game and am currently playing it. It looks good so far and all I did was play the intro. As I get further into the game I will let you know more what I think about it. Thank you for getting it put back up.
  13. Bladezuez

    Tales of the Seven Jewels (Parts I and II)

    glad to know that it is being worked on. so want to play this one.
  14. Bladezuez

    Tales of the Seven Jewels (Parts I and II)

    I went to download the game cause it looks interesting but it says file not found on rapidshare? I really want to play this game. can someone please help me out?
  15. Bladezuez

    Avvies and Siggies (remade)

    yes the set is beautiful