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  1. @asiunia I don't understand your question.
  2. highlight to read don't use the teleporter. just go to the left and down from the teleporter. follow the path and you'll eventually find the ruins
  3. LOL no, I used the save game file, so that I didn't have to replay the earlier story. And the final part took only around 6 hours to play. Well, in three days... 2 or 3 hours a day... it's not that much
  4. yay! finished playing! @EternalPrincess (highlight to read) Well, there are those plants in the room. Just step in front of one of them (can't remember which, but one of those on the right side) and press "space".
  5. thanks, I found it already=) Now I'm stuck again (highlight) After most of the senshi died, I have Chibiusa and Mamoru in my party. They are in the room where Neo Queen Serenity is. After they speak to her, the room changes and a pink door appears. The door seems to be locked. However, I can't find the key for it! I think I've searched everywhere and stepped on every floor tile, just in case, but I still can't open that door and free the queen Nevermind, already solved this
  6. highlight to read where is that mountain? I still can't find it.
  7. yeah, I'm stuck there, too. (highlight to read) I defeated Viluy, and then I have to find the last key, which is on some mountain somewhere. The question is - where's the mountain?
  8. oh, it's finally released And I don't have any saved files from the version 5. Guess I'll have to replay the whole game :'(
  9. (allright... just tell me what happened so far and where's Shiny supposed to be. And where's my awesome Anry guy?)
  10. *somehow I don't have any ideas whatsoever*
  11. girls! I have that slow walking Kuro and he has to buy some supplies...The question is - where? In Juuban?
  12. "Oh, there's not much to tell. It's just... Oh, frankly, to defeat the witch, I...ehh...need to fall in love with Anry, cause only then will my true power awaken. And...the witch is my aunt. So no interesting information at all." Shiny said, hurrying after Starry.
  13. Shiny felt the message from Moony. She didn't answer. "Thanks for information, ah...Mom? But I need to go now!" Lada sighed. "Well, ok. We'll talk again. The thing is... you may have powers inside you which you are not yet aware of. They'll probably awake when you'll face your aunt in the battle." "She'll turn her into a frog or what?" Anry asked. "Oh, shuddup!" Shiny yelled. "Ah, I'll teleport you right back where you came from. The thing is...these powers will only awaken if you find your true love before that, my girl. So, good luck, you two!" "What? No way! Not with him...What?" Shiny tried to protest, but Lada teleported her back to Starry and Moony. When she opened her eyes, Anry was gone. "So she didn't teleport us together. Fine." She thought. "Ah, girls. Sorry if I made you worry about me. You won't believe it...but I've met my...ehh...Mom from the past life" she said aloud. ---- (Anry is with Aaron again, but I was too lazy to write his part )
  14. @Starry I meant that the witch is a reincarnation of Lada's sister.
  15. Shiny sighed yet again. "The whole situation is so NOT kawaii! What the...?!" With these words Shiny disappeared. "Where am I?" she asked when she opened her eyes. She was in some kind of garden near some kind of palace. "No idea whatsoever" Anry answered Shiny turned her head and saw him standing near her. "I brought him here, so don't you look at him suspicously!" a tall woman in a red dress said, suddenly appearing from nowhere. "And I brought you here. I apologize, but I need to speak with you two!" "And you are?" Shiny said, looking at the woman. She looked strangely familiar. "People used to call me Lada. But it's not my name that matters. It's my job that is of importance. I used to be your mother, princess Shine. In past life, I mean." Shiny swallowed. "Fine. Whatever. I'm getting used to all the magic crap in my life. But now is not the right moment for the family reunion. I've been saving the world when you brought me here, you know." Lada laughed. "My dear girl. Don't you worry, you'll be right back. I'll cut it short - you are the senshi of fire and passion, aren't you?" "Of passion? Really? I only have noticed fire" Anry said. Both women ignored him. "Shiny, my dear, technically, you are a princess. Because your father was a king, that is. Before he married me, I was just a beautiful witch. From me you inherited your senshi powers." "Witch? I somehow dislike witches" Anry muttered. "Moreover, the witch all of you are fighting is...or was...whatever...is a reincarnation of my evil sister, your aunt, Shiny!" ----- I don't really know if this fits in the story... If not, I'll delete it
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