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  1. oh ok it works now!! thnx for the help! found this on a forum. basing it on the pic its taken from the very first forest. is the money goodie gave in this forest? aislingyngaio: Deleted pic link due to expletive. Even when it's in abbreviation, it's NOT allowed.
  2. hi i just downloaded the demo of the game and when i started playing there is no sound, no music, no anything even the sound of crickets none. i turned it on when i tweaked the options but still. is this part of the demo? do i need to get the whole game to have sounds?
  3. is this a bug? i load mine from book 3 but then nothing really happened. i get it if all items and gold will be lost by why reset my levels? i
  4. oh, thnx! for the link, i will be editing the first post and will be posting their faces.
  5. thanx!! oh i would also like to know where to get facemaker, i tried using the animegen. but i really don't like how it looks.
  6. oh, that's what i thought lol, its just that the description said "Seren ( Heroine ) : A young girl at the age of 11. Her past wasn’t so bright, Izumi and her sister ( Ivy ) was cursed and her Mother was killed by Zaile, so she had to be adopted." and you forgot to change Izumi to Seren so i thought Izumi was still one of the characters.
  7. Seren, i mean Seren. where did she came from? lol and i didn't seem to see Izumi in the character list, and on ivy's description it is stated that Seren is her sister? did they like became triplets or something?
  8. yay! you edited the description, and now im more confused. who is Selene? where did Izumi go? anyway i like the story compared to the last one since it seems like the plot became more deeper.
  9. screenshot's will be posted not so soon.. XD i still didn't started mapping since im concentrating on fixing the story and im also trying to complete all the needed resources for the database so sorry if i won't be posting screenshot's soon.
  10. well my imaginations are running right now so im thinking that Nox is Rayina and that something happened to her. its just that Rayina was wearing a hooded robe in the intro and so is Nox. Rayina also is a changeling (i forgot what their kind is called) and Nox knew how to open and activate the thing in the cave and that only changeling's can do it.
  11. lol, she looks more like rayina (am i right with the name?) in the intro.
  12. aya_lyka

    Ella's Hope

    wow that's soon, can't wait.
  13. I use XP since i like the graphics, VX has more quality but i don't like it's sprites and how their tileset is limited.
  14. thnx!! im still having trouble with the story line though since the middle part is still hollow.
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