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  1. I agree, I can see cheekis and chests in a couple of areas and can't figure out how to get to them
  2. There's a tip in the strategy guide that says that Myst can dig up dirt mounds in fox form, but can't figure out how to change her to fox form our of battle. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks! I've been walking around this area for an hour, so glad I can move on
  4. I am having the same issue. Have shovel, June opened the door, diary is read, back to Thais, no dirt pile. I have walked all over trying to find it. Is it not in the build that I have (build c)? I don't want to start over again but get a really weird buggy issue when reading the diary again, it keeps re-reading it until I use my mouse elsewhere on the screen. Help please! Thanks!
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