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  1. Not yet. I haven't had time. I'm still in the Scarecrow Alley to solve the murder. I forgot to mention that I absolutely hate puzzles too but these games are my exception. Glad I tried them. If it weren't for the demo's I wouldn't have even considered them. Once I tried a few minutes of the demo I was hooked!!!

  2. You're right. I found another browser that downloaded it correctly. Thanks. In the meantime I finished the other game 'sectrets of the tower' or whatever. Very Good but I like 'curse' better. I usually don't like hidden object games, but I liked these very much. Please make some more, but make them more like 'curse' than 'tower'. Thanks again for the help and thanks to the dev for the games.

  3. Tried Firefox a few times as well and file would not download. Only error message was 'failed' I don't think this is going to work. Maybe I can pay the extra and have the disc sent to me without buying the whole game again. I'm playing Gypsies Tales now and it downloaded just fine. Odd. I don't think it's me. something wrong with 'Curse of whatever'. Curse is on the download.

  4. Yes, after closing down then open and click play to same scene, it just freezes again. I just did a new game up to the door again and got same freeze. The words 'Scarecrow Alley' do appear then the freeze. I left it running and the scene never appears. I have a windows xp pro service pak 3, 2 quad cpu @2.50 GHZ and 2.49 GB Ram. And enormous memory. If that is what you mean by specs. I am not very computer literate. Just like to play games. Thanks again.

  5. In the hallway upstairs there is a door to the town square. When the proper piece is fitted to the door it opens and you can click on it to go into the town square. When I do that I only end up with a frozen black screen and have to exit the game by means of alt/cntrl/del. I have tried restarting the game and reinstalling the game to no effect. There does not appear to be a patch for this game. Any ideas? It's a great game and I would very much like to finish. Thank you

  6. What about the underground cavern located upstairs in the house? It should be in the basement if there is one. I haven't finished the game yet so maybe there is an answer later.


    something that really bugged me, but not a bug. Why the 60 digit key to unlock the game? Is a key that long really necessary? I had to enter it twice. Even once was too much!


    Sorry if anyone thinks that my previous two posts are not germain to the thread. I sometimes have trouble figuring out what is and what isn't.


    Use your edit button and don't double post for that is against forum rules.


  7. First time I have ever tried this. Hope it works. anyway, My suggestion is to ignore the goodie caves. They nearly ruined the game for me. I started out without knowing about them and quickly found the nearest one for the "beast" weapons. Intriqued I thought this must be a new idea so I grabbed them all. From then on the game seemed so easy I got suspicious. Found out that beast=best weapons. In other words these goodie caves are just cheats and really take all the fun out of the game. I don't think they are a good idea. Also, what and where are these versions 1 and 2 you all are talking about. And what difficulty levels? I have no difficulty levels on my game and I got it from this site. Thank you.goodie caves=bad

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