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    AngelAldredge got a reaction from Amaranth in Forum changes coming!   
    Can't wait to see what you do with it!!!
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    Everguard Studios Presents...

    The Master of Souls

    Acts I, II, and III

    Download Here!
    Act 1: The Gathering

    Fifty years after the defeat of the tyrant god, Set, the world of Rie rests in a state of idle peace. However, things are not as peaceful as they seem. A man who calls himself the Master of Souls has made a bargain with a demon lord Eivion - one thousand human souls in exchange for demonic immortality and overwhelming power. This prophecy has set itself in motion, ticking down soul by soul. Now the end is near. And where are the only six people in the world who have the capability to stop the Master of Souls before the world is lost forever? They are each being slowly lured to the CIty of Tar' Jahri, where they will be gathered together unaware of their fates.

    Join Aeon and his allies and enemies as they head toward Tar' Jahri, with one question tugging on the back of their minds

    Who or what is the Master of Souls?

    Act 2: The Suffering

    The Master of Souls has begun to capture the world of Rie. Slowly, but surely, the great nations of the world have fallen to him: The frozen kingdom of Ineldal; the Faerie Land of Lenria, the desert city of Septia, and the jungles of Tar' Jahri have all been destroyed, now all that stands in his path to destroy the Gods themselves is the capital city of Pendonia. And where are the heroes who are destined to stop him? They are desperately searching for an escape from the underworld.

    Help Aeon and his band of adventurers escape from the underworld, even when faced with terrible perils such as a plague of Basalisks, a cursed orb of power, and an ancient sorcerer, bent on destroying mortals.

    Act 3: The Ending
    After an impossible escape from their prison, Aeon and his allies return to the surface world only to find their homes in ruin. Thrusen's devastating war has consumed nearly all the kingdoms of Rie leaving a small rebel army in Pendonia. The time has come for the chosen ones to start fighting back. Will the heroes free the world's kingdoms and topple this dictator, or will the world fall to darkness in his evil grip?

    Play as Aeon, Lidya, Christina, and many others in the final chapter of their adventure as they fight against the world itself to liberate millions of innocent people. But just what is the Master of Souls' final plan? And is it too late to stop him?

    - 30+ hours of gameplay
    - Mouse and Keyboard control systems
    - Goodies and Easter Eggs hidden in the game
    - Multiple Endings
    - A variety of characters to explore and use
    - Roughly 50 sidequests in addition to a main storyline
    - Siege warfare and strategic minigames
    - Several custom songs in the soundtrack

    Main Characters
    Meet Aeon:
    A young geomancer from the Dalthornian mainland summoned to Tar' Jahri by a strange dream and the lure of the prophesy. His love for his brother and his friends is put to the ultimate test as his world crumbles around him and he becomes destined to save it. While not always the most intelligent soldier, Aeon's desire to protect his friends will carry him through to the bitter end.

    Aeon sometimes likes to point out the obvious

    Meet Lidya:
    Young, brash, and aggressively in love with her local knight, Lidya is lone wolf huntress who only looks out for herself. When she arrives at Tar' Jahri and everything she knows is turned around on its head, she learns quickly to trust her friends who have her back, and to beat up those who don't. With her bow in one hand and her enemy's throat in the other, her aggressive hands on approach to saving the world never fails to get the job done and give her friends a reason to keep their distance.

    Lidya gets a little mad when people don't tell her things...

    Meet Christina:
    Christina was a shy and intelligent priestess in training from the Church of Rie when the murder of her mother and the dark prophesy force her into a world of danger and death. With her healing magic and newfound friends by her side, she will find the courage to save her friends and defeat the Master of Souls. She may even find something more than friends with Aeon.

    Christina saves the party with her shields as usual

    Liberate the cities of the world

    Explore a variety of mysterious lands

    Join Aeon, Lidya, Christina, and a number of other characters as they explore the world, liberate its people, and take down an evil emperor.
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    AngelAldredge got a reaction from slimmmeiske2 in Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?   
    Just finished the demo.  It was great.  Can't wait to see the rest of the game.
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