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  1. yeah!! Finally read it all!! Here goes my very informative and really helpful review on the parody: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha lolrofllmao And also, AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for an entertaining read and the regular updates
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  7. Welcome!!! Offtopic : I started playing manifest, and I find it quite interesting
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  10. Chapter 1.1 : Beginnings I - Homecoming At the witching hour in the enchanted woods in the remote hills of a far continent in a vast ocean on the surface of a spinning lonely planet, a spinning light at the center of the glen ebbed and waned,tendrils of light escaping to test the air. It grew and pulsated.A strange chant could be heard in the wind where I stood, though my eyes could not detect any sentient being around. What in the world was happening? Here I was,wherever 'here' was, not having a slightest of ideas about my own identity. Try as much, I could not remember anything about myself before I got here and this scared me. How I got here was another mystery. And then there was this unfamiliar amulet hanging on my neck that felt like it radiated some sort of magic and I somehow knew I should not take it off. On top of that when I found my way through the woods toward the source of light, my path lit by the various glow moths as if guiding me to it, I saw nothing there other than the eerie pillar of light, though I could still here someone chanting. I wanted to run away from the place but something kept me from moving my feet. Something about the light seemed to soothe my fear. Suddenly the chanting grew louder, faster. The spinning light grew stronger. It was widening. A loud crack filled the woods and the spinning light blazed forth brilliantly and was gone in a bright flash. Where it had been a lone human figure stood, smiling at me, her blue hair like blue flames, her serene smile filling me with calm, her eyes that held certain authority but also kindness. I could tell by just looking at her that she was a being of great power. I just stood there confused, trying to say something,but words failing me, before she spoke,her voice like soothing melody: "Hello Nova, welcome to Amaranthia" Chapter 1.2 : Beginnings- The Revelation Nova... That name seemed to ring a bell. Oh That's right, I remembered, My name is Nova,but....what else?? and what about Amaranthia?? But somehow, remembering my name instilled some confidence in me.I gathered my ability to speak and asked her the first thing that struck my mind. "Who,or rather what are you??" She seemed bemused by my question, and yet understanding "My name is Shaz and I am one of the guardians of Amaranthia, a member of the inner circles of the Great Empress, Her Highness Lady Amaranth, the creator and protector of this realm. I know your head must be full of questions, not unexpected, since you just arrived here." "So...Where are we exactly?", I asked, "And do you know how and from where did I arrive here? I seem to be having a minor case of amnesia", I had a feeling she knew a lot more about me than I did. She chuckled at that comment about amnesia, then answered, "We are in Amaranthia, as I told you before. As to where Amaranthia is, you can say it's an alternate world made of pure magical energy in a different dimension,where the chosen ones become part of great adventures. We call ourselves Amaranthians and are like a family. We enjoy ourselves here, show our talents, make friends, sing and dance, take part in various quests. There have been vicious demons and great heroes that came forward to vanquish them in our world ,whose legends still the bards sing.It is a world inhabited by Elves, Dwarves, Druids, Mages, Dragons and much more that will become clear to you in time." "As to how you arrived here, you had a realization of our world,since your soul seems to sense the energy of this place, as we all do, and were contacted by us. You showed interest to be a part of our world, and were deemed worthy, one of the 'Chosen ones'. I come here in front of you to tell tell you that you were accepted as a part of our world" "Time does not have the same meaning here as back there in your world, you can spend an eternity in this place and still almost no time would have passed there when you go back. You can always go back and return here and resume where you left whenever you like using that amulet you have with you, just hold it and wish to go back or return. "The amnesia was your own choosing. many of us when we arrive here prefer to leave our memories and worries of our world behind. you will definitely remember about Amaranthia back in your world when you choose to go back, but when you are here , You shall forget all about that world and remember your life here." Chapter 1.3 : Beginnings III - The Path Ahead Mystified by the revelation, I stood there contemplating. All of this can't be true can it?? But deep in my heart I knew it was all the truth. Somehow I knew now that I was a part of the world of Amaranthia. It all seemed to make sense on a primitive level. "So... What now??" I blurted out. "Now I must take your leave", She said, "but do not fear, it will all be made clear soon enough. For now just go down south the path toward the valley, where you will find the capital of the kingdom of Amaranthia. There you can find food and lodgings at the inn as well as a plethora of activities for you to choose from after you've rested, to get you started " With that , there was again a flash of light that engulfed her, and she was gone. Oh well, time to go I guess, I thought. It's not like I had many options. I could go back to my world sure, but where's the fun in that? I looked up at the sky, the sun was starting to come up. The beautiful morning light hit my face, I looked around the woods in the light of the sun and my God! It were beautiful!! The forest seemed to have a life of it's own. I could keep on going describing the beauty of the mesmerizing woods, but as I moved forward, I came to the place where the descent to the valley started and my jaw was left hanging open!!! In front of my eyes(which I thought were definitely deceiving me), covered in a mist that was disappearing was what could only be, KINGDOM AMARANTHIA!!!! Notes : Here it is folks, my tale dedicated to us Amaranthians. I hope you all like it. i guess I never said it, but thank you Shaz for accepting my registration on the site. I hope I have done justice to your character in the chapter. And I hope this tale doesn't sound too weird, i am no regular writer, but I had an inspiration to write along the lines and here it is. Well there's more to come, but hey, I haven''t even made it to the village square yet
  11. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! CLIFFIE!!! Next Chappie PLEASE!!!!! I can't bear the cliffhanger!!!! MOAR MOAR MOAR!!!
  12. Yay!!! New Story!! I haven't started yet but I'll surely read it later today. PS: You should add your stories to the collegium if you haven't already so we can rate it
  13. Uh-oh! Last Chappie?? THAT seems rushed.And this one seems...... different from the others you have written. I dunno, I think there was more to the story, this chapter changes things.
  14. Scary twist!!, Me likes! Although I hope Uma is under some sort of enchantment and not doing this on her own free will. Maybe the girl ain't even Uma at all?? Gotta wait and see. PS: Canon or not, I like the story so please continue writing, I am sure many others like me would love to see it to the end, and a great end at that
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