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  1. 1. Awesome. I'm at the edge of my seat. Can't wait for it to be done. 2. Sho. Kaisen. And Eric. I love how there's so much more of them to strip off (personality wise and all haha) 3. Why Sho keeps killing people? Whatever happen to her and Kaisen's childhood. Why is Shirley lying? @___@ 4. They have some traumatizing past or something. But I'm not quite certain what. 5. Same with 1 6. AWESOME. 7. Any scene with Kaien or Sho 8. Kaien and Sho? Jk. But that'll be something! Uh... I'd love to see Sho and Layner together in an ending. That'll be funny ) Or Mikaela and Kaien (like she can somehow be alive or something) Too lazy to post a screenshot, but I will definitely say this is a great game. I really can't wait what would happen in the story. XD Good luck!
  2. So while replaying, I just noticed a few bugs by the end. 1. You cannot equip the winged shoes to anyone else after mel has been abducted? (i unequipped her since I got used to walking fast) 2 I almost forgot Pemberley Keep and bought it after Mel was abducted. But still she is seen inthe dialogue. I know I should have bought it earlier since Edward could propose to Mel, but after missing the Candy in Witchwood, I had no chance to marry them anymore. (SADLY i made him marry Lydia. Haha. Better thanthe orc tho! ) 3. (This one I'm not sure if it's a bug) I get why you can't use the compass or red warp egg after reaching the orb of life, but why not the blue warp egg to warp outside thhe dungeon entrance?
  3. Having music as a major, I really find it hard to have other activities since I need to allot my free time for practice. I couldn't game much anymore, or write fanfics. Although, I could have some time to game whenever it was summer vacation. But only games that have endings. Not online RPGs that I would be really addicted with. It's easier to have a goal to finish a game, than just playing for addiction. But that's just what I think.
  4. awww, okay. i'll just try that. it's just sad that i can't play it on the netbook. anyway, thanks shaz!
  5. actually it's in 1024X600. Nothing higher than that. And my DPI is 100. does that mean i can't play it on my laptop? Or what my friend says I should just project the game to a monitor by plugging it there so I can play it?
  6. So I'm using a Toshiba netbook with Windows 7 and just when I start to play, a window comes out and says... This game cannot run with your current settings. Adjusting your resolution or your DPI may allow the game to run. Although how much should I adjust in my resolution and DPI so I can play it?
  7. @piepeter, wait, which is the same to you and your girlfriend? haha. friendship leading to attraction? just wanted to make things clear. ^___^
  8. After all there is this cliche saying... "If you love him, set him free. If he comes back, then it's meant to be."
  9. Well, I agree that a woman has to put her own share in order for a relationship to develop, however, I think the effort of both parties should be equal. It's not necessary for someone to chase after the other who doesn't reciprocate your feelings, right?
  10. Just curious, Sargon, how are things with your friend and his ex-girlfriends? Was it the way it was before, or it's normal, with just a little hint of awkwardness?
  11. Haha. I think it depends on the girl. I'm a pretty independent, out-spoken woman, but when it comes to stuff like these, I'd still want the man to woo me over. hahaha.
  12. Thanks for the insight, Kenneth! @KTC, yea, that's true. Communication really is key. Although, I kinda believe in saving friendships too. If everything isn't really crystal clear, making a move, a wrong move might jeopardize the friendship. I've been a practitioner of the "going with the flow" thing, and reflecting on things, I guess it's not all that bad. I mean, it could be improved, but in the end, for me the value of a very important person in your life is way better than losing that person out of some stupid infatuation. That and I guess it is possible to move on from an attraction to someone (but it takes time depending on how long you've liked that person) So I guess just letting things be is a fine decision, at least for some situations.
  13. Oh okay. Although, I also don't view attraction same as seduction (being someone who doesn't even know how to flirt.) hahaha. Although I truly believe that people can be attracted to each other without hooking up. Anyway, whatever the case, since I'm a girl, I wouldn't want to be the person who makes the first move and show that I'm attracted to a guy. I'd let him do what he has to do first and just go with the flow.
  14. awww. that sounds so nice. so happy for you and your husband, ljspence. i'm really glad you met the man meant for you. I wish you all the best
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