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  1. YOUR USER NAME: Astral YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Ravwyrn YOUR CHARACTER'S SEX: Male DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: May 15th, 2012 YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: Expert DESCRIPTION OF THE JOB: An Expert is a job with no particular skill or abilities. They, however, spend most of their time studying or practicing a given activity. Thus, most of experts become specialized workers, athletes, scientists and some even become Loremasters. Few ever become adventurers as their fighting skills are generally poor. YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: Maenad FULL DESCRIPTION: A Maenad represents two distinct races of humanoids. The first one, the Male Maenad, regroups all of the unknown and rare magical abominations of this world. These abominations, however, always find themsevles to be males. They usually have unique abilities and are alone of their races. If they try to reproduce, the spiecie of the kid will be the mothers'. If any Male Manead happens to have female genitals, these will be perfeclty sterile. Male Maenads are either created by rare (and usually illegal) magic experiments or are humans corrupted by overuse or exposure to very strong magic force. Female Maenads are a completly different spiecie. They are only females, with no possibility of having hermaphrodite or sterile-male genders. They are women who lost their mind to the Void and gave their soul to the god of Madness. Their God never manifested himself, neither did they give them mystical powers. They actually became so convinced of the existance of their God that they seek to invoke him using a complex ritual nobody ever found. They believe they have mystical powers, immortality and invincibility-- and so do they. They are so convinced of the reality of their powers that their blind faith distorts the reality around them. They usually have morph-type powers, but some also shown to have mass-hypnosis, minor elemental control or surhuman strength. YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: 33 YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: a)Physical: Extremely weak. Coudln't hold a fight against a normal person if it wasn't of his magical abilties. Fragile constitution, but quite agile in compensation. He can, at best, avoid the blows of the enemy. b)Magical: Exposed the the corruptive magic of a living forest, Ravwyrn became linked to this one. He is able to summon the spirits of the plants that inhabit the forest to gain special abilities like : Extreme self-healing upon recieving physical damage( By extreme, I mean he could literally grow back limbs in a few seconds. Does not make him immune to disintegration or death from massive damage. He won't recieve healing against magical attacks), Lucky dodge (able to deflect ONE blow), Magic-shield (Reflects up to two spells. If your spell is , for exemple, a rain of meteor, only the two first meteors would be countered this way. THIS SHIELD ALSO REFLECTS BENIFICIAL MAGIC such as healing, blessing, etc) Self-resurection (Upon death, the body of Ravwyrn disapears. He appears one day later in the nearest meadow, but becomes extremely vulnerable. He must rest in this meadow for at least 5 days, where he can be killed by almost anything. Even bad weather. ) Pushback attack (This is not even painful unless you are the size of a cat or smaller. It pushes you back of approximativly 1 meter from Ravwyrn) Dizzy attack ( Works only on non-humanoid of the size of a human. Makes you dizzy for a few seconds and deals moderate damage.) Esma (Deals huge magical damage, divided into ten strong hits. But it only works on non-humanoid of large size (or larger) ) c) Other : Photosynthesis YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: Extreme defense, almost invincible. However, has no chance of strikeback unless you are non-humanoid. Strong resistance to most poisons and toxins, suffocation or starvation. YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: Humans, extreme weather(must they be Hot or Cold), (sun)light deprivation, water deprivation, herbicide, pesky bugs. Surprise element is also a big weakness, as his defensive abilities come from magic. No casting = no tanking. CHARACTER WAS LAST EDITED ON: Today. ROLE IN THE BATTLEFIELD : Magical tank. Has no chance to harm humans or humanoids. NOTE : Ghosts are counted as humanoids, and thus unaffected by Ravwyrn's offensive spells.
  2. If only Love and commitment were enough to make a marriage / handfasting / civil union / others work, there would be no divorce, honey. Every couple (except those that only want to fraud insurances) love each other when they decide to build their lives together.
  3. Sargon, i'm sorry but you argument is invalid. In biology, locis present tons of mutations, but a few ones, like you mentioned, are kept by the natural selection process. However, having a mutation that gives you a genetic advantage ( IE better chance of reproduction , either because you counter a problem improving your chances of surviving to certain odds or, in case of humans, by improving attractions others have towards you ) will eventually spread it. Also , don't be confused ; there are tons of allels for the same loci that exist. That is why we all have different genetic material. But the fact that all the allels fix themselves in a particular way (IE : all the individuals of a certain population have the SAME genetic material for one particular gene) is quite unlikely, because of various phenomens that nature created to make sure that genetic material stays diverse and variable. Out of these phenomens, I can write you about a few of them (but forgive my translation mistakes, might happen. I took my class in french so I don't know the exact english terms) --> control of the phenotypical devloppement --> dilpoïdy (the fact that we recieve random allels from our mother AND our father to form our locis, that will determine our phenotypes) --> epistasis (A gene will modify the action of another gene. For exemple, siamese cats present epistasis of the fur color ; on cold regions of the body [iE the head, the paws and some regions of the legs, and also their cute tails] the gene stating the color of the fur becomes inefficent, making the fur white) --> incomplete dominance of certain allels ( for exemple, let's say the allel for the color of the petals of a rose is C for a red one and c for a white one, we could have CC (red) , Cc (pink) or cc (white) if roses are diploïds like us ) --> neutral variation (IE : genes that are there "for fun" ) --> Innefficacity of the natural selection ( EX : You don't have better chances of reproduction if you have a mutant gene that gives you two iris of different colors ) So don't worry for evolution, nature has its tricks, and they work since life has started, for what I can remember PHENOTYPE : A particular trait we can see , that is variable with genes, from one individual to another ___________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ So basicly, my point is that yes, natural selection DOES exist, but it's not the only evolutionary force in place, and that evolution is a dynamic equilibrum, not a static one. Evolution is maintained, don't worry about it. _________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ EDIT : Wow, I get the feeling the topic drifted a bit when I look at this biology thesis I just wrote and the title, that was "love, Marriage and committement". I'll restart the discussion about it ; What makes a relationship work --> Mutual trust, communication, the conservation of "that spark" that happens when you first see this person and realize you love it from the very deeps of your heart. How your relationship with your current partner differs from that of your past ones --> It works. Easy answer! But more seriously, I think that the most flagrant difference in the relationship I have right now and the one I had is that me and my lover do share the same major interests, as well as lots of points of view. He also has this maturity of accepting he can be wrong sometimes, just like I can be mistaken, instead of just go to the easy way and "close" the arguments when he doesn't know what to say left. The ability of stepping on his pride is something I never had in my previous relationships and it was really frustrating for the communication part. And sometimes, even the mutual respect. How children have affected your marriage : I'm not married yet, I don't have children yet, and that is for in a few... couple of years. Honestly, I'm not even sure we will get children (because, at first, it's my partner's wish) and he's not out of the closet yet, and feels too comfortable inside. And i'm not really fancy about the idea of letting him have a fake mariage just for his parents and friends to think he's straight? Nah. How you manage arguments and disagreements and work past the tough times, etc --> We simply communicate, share our point of view, and stop at the point where we are criticizing each other's judgement. If possible, make a compromise, if not, try to change the problem to get a solution easier on the new one.
  4. That's a hard one. I've been confronted with that kind of situation, I had the choice to learn latin, japanese, chinese or thai. I finally went for Japanese for the following reasons ; - Latin is a dead tongue, so it won't be really useful to know, except for religious purpose, or scientific ones (binominal nomenclature is your friend when you study taxonomy) - Japanese is the hardest language to learn in the bunch (at least from what i've been told), and learning japanese = learn kanji = learn a bit of chinese in the process. - Japanese culture intereted me the most. So if you are looking for a more practical language, i'd say go for the hardest ones. Usually it makes the other ones easier to learn. Another you might research is the influence this language has on the job you are intending to get. For exemple, I want to be a doctor. One of the most influent language on medecine is Latin, but it's a dead tongue so I'm leaving this one out. After that comes greek, but no greek language courses are available where I live, so I will take german classes. (Things to do with world war II, not really pretty reasons so i'll skip the "why" but just know german was influent in the medecine domain) I wish you the best luck.
  5. No , these are cat ears. THOSE are bunny ears . http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g15/Astral_sorecer/IMG_0008.jpg BLACK bunny ears. Mwacks.
  6. Canadian milk, please. (Ref : This song . ) But yeah. Reading this remembers me the ol'times, when my mother was shouting " JOÉ! VA CHERCHER LA POCHE DE LAIT POUR MON CAFÉ ! " , which means : " JOÉ ! BRING ME THE MILK POUCH FOR MY COFFEE!" Yeah. Milk pouch rocks. Want me to take pictures and videos of how to handle a milk bag proprerly ? ... Aeternus? ... I guess Ontario doesn't have the Québecer knowledge about the secret art of milk-pouring. XD
  7. @Goldie : Yes, Sodium. Actually, NaCl is the salt we need in order to fight most of bacterias and viruses, but it also speed up the heartbeat (since our heart's cell use NaCl to produce the electricity that contracts our heart) And you don't need to eat chicken soup and orange juice together, by the way. The only thing is that you need to get salt, vitamin C and water : that's about the best way to get it. An alternative way is to make it is to follow this recipe : - 350 ML of orange juice. Pulp or no pulp, doesn't matter, as long as you get lots of Vitamin C. - 200 to 500 ML of water. You can adjust it to your taste, but I personally prefer 350 ML. - 2-3 spoons of salt - 2-3 spoons of honey Why honey ? Well, there's an undefined protein in honey that helps somehow the body, immunitary speaking. It also helps soothing the throat. I can't really explain this part, but it is needed. Hope it helps someone sick somewhere!
  8. Eheh. I grown up with milk in a bag too. But now, since the milk industry we were buying our milk from, we switched over to Natrel milk, which only gives milk in cartons. And I'm such a milk-drinker, I usually have two glass of 700 ml of milk per day. Yeah, I know, that's a lot. But Milk is *my* drug. That's why I married Moo. *cough* *still-in-the-subject-spaming* Natrel 2% is the best milk ever. And 0% milk tastes dust.
  9. I know I'm not on Amaranthia as often as I should, but I come today to give news. I recently went to the gAnime, an Anime convention (Cosplaying Choji Akimichi, Shippuden version). And I bought Neko stuff. So I became Neko Astral. I know you all envy me.
  10. Of course, I do. Chicken soup + 1 cup of honey + orange juice + water = Aweful-tasting drink, but such an amazing potion. Vitamin C plus sodium wins. (and Bubble Tea powns.)
  11. Astral

    Avvies and Siggies

    I changed my Siggy, for something more representative of my Nickname. I love Nightwish songs, but a wind of change isn't bad after all. Plus, animation SOOO distracts pepole. I mean, I don't have to get animated siggies to catch attention. I mean, everything I say attracts pepole. I mean ... I guees it's all. @Tenten : Omg. A Junior Kingking ! XD @Kin : You lost your Super Forumer skills ? *cough* On a more serious touch, Nice siggy. @_@ *loves Blue* @Dameon : If you have trouble making good siggies, you could try Gimp. Of course, it's a complex software. But you may find good tutorials. I found some on Imagimp, but it's in french ... Anyways, Good luck ! @Phoenixalia : Meh, sweet faerie. Sweet siggie. =3
  12. Astral

    Diet Pills

    Well, I was talking of drugs that are mainly made with hormones in general , or affect the hormones . Like birth control, too, But also I heard some kind of pills can help girls to regulate their PMS if needed. And actually, I am pretty sure they can come in both. I mean, you can buy them like you want, but if you went to a doctor's , they will probably give you a prescription , which means little yellow bottles from "Jean Coutu" .. (or at least, in Québec)
  13. Astral

    Diet Pills

    I'm kinda knowledgeable about drugs and their side effects, 'cause I had some psycho-social formations and, Nick is right, It is possible that they were illegal drugs. Most of the "stimulant" type drugs (if not all) are made to cut off the need of energy in the body. Not to satisfy them : to make the body "ignore its own needs" . What gives energy ? Two things only , Sleeping and Eating. So if you take drugs that are meant to give energy (or somehow give it in a sidekick effect), your "hungry-ness" will go down too. So Nick's hypothesis may be true. On the otherside, if she really takes pill, then some "signs" would appear. First of all, she would have a urge need of loosing weight, maybe even a bad self-stimate, could lead her to "convince" herself to loose weight at all price, might it be dangerous or not. On another view, another hypothesis might be .... hormonal pills . Everybody reacts differnetly to hormonal changes and, some kind of pepole might loose weight (like me, I'm growing up as a teen and I'm loosing weight, even through in this period I must eat lots of fast/jnnk food and I don't move really more then before)as well as some may gain weight, have their growth slowed or boosted, etc. So, another hypothesis is that she's maybe taking hormonal pills, for some reasons , and that her body just ... reacts this way. And combiend to exercicse, it cans probably make prodigy in fat-loosing. Plus, it would explain why she didn't wanted to talk about it. If I'd had to take hormones in pills, I would *personatly* not like anybody to know it. XD She'd maybe taking these pills to "regulate" these ... Bloody days you girls have ... Eerr, well ... Or she can takes hormones for sexual-oriented reasons, that I prefer not to talk about here, and again it would explain why she refuses to answer about them. I'd feel pretty shy to talk about it.
  14. Actually, I never used Lars more then it , and I never used its orbs really, too . Even through I collected them. I think through you can freeze your enemies or something, with Time Masters spells ? You should try it. But I remember I used Rhen's Sword of Dreams *a lot* , so I suggest you first head for getting it. And, If I remember, few spells are affected by orbs. If I remember well, Cracked orb will help for Thunder-type spells, But I havn't played Aveyond since ages, so I cannot tell much . Elini's Red Demon Summon should be handy if you have it, I remember using it a lot ... Not just there, everywhere. *everywhere*. Also, Dameon was the must-have party member. These dream witches can put you to sleep .. Awakening spell is a wonderful add. Te'ijal , like always, well, is of an extreme help . lol Hope it helps ! ~Astral
  15. I just wanted to put here a quote I saw, very funny, yet true and filled with wisdom . " If you have anything against gay marriages, blame straight pepole. They're the one who keep having gay babies! "
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