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  1. Have you tried going deleting the short cut? Then going into the folder for Aveyond 2 and starting it from the .exe in the folder? If that works, then you could try to make a new shortcut.
  2. Does it let you select the item to give to the customers?
  3. Build B refers to the version of the game. You shouldn't have to download it. You should have the recent version of the game.
  4. It should just be the same process. Just need to find the game files. Which goodie are you trying to use?
  5. Yeah, sorry but this is a known issue. And I don't think a work around was found. The only solution was using an earlier save.
  6. The game ends. There is no boss battle, just a small little scene.
  7. It's worth a shot. In the past when you used the goodies, did you have Windows 7 as well?
  8. Do you have an antivirus program on? Try turning off the program and then installing the goodie. You may also want to try leaving the area and then checking to see if the changes appearing.
  9. Have you gone to the shop? It's in the bottom left corner of Tor. You may not of gotten to the enemies step.
  10. You can try searching for the save file directly. Try searching for save1.rxdata
  11. The folder will be called Aveyond 1. Does that show up?
  12. The files maybe hidden, so try allowing hidden files. If they're still not showing, then try looking in the game folder. (ex: C:\Program Files\Aveyond\SaveX.rxdata )
  13. The files maybe hidden. So you'll have to right click to bring up the properties, then hit the checkbox to show hidden files.
  14. So, does it let you play after you put the key in? Does it just make you put the key in every time? Have you tried installing it anyone else, besides your dad's computers that is?
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