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  1. Mopiece

    Aveyond 2 shortcut

    Have you tried going deleting the short cut? Then going into the folder for Aveyond 2 and starting it from the .exe in the folder? If that works, then you could try to make a new shortcut.
  2. Mopiece

    What to do now?

    Does it let you select the item to give to the customers?
  3. Mopiece

    Build B

    Build B refers to the version of the game. You shouldn't have to download it. You should have the recent version of the game.
  4. Mopiece

    How do I use goodies with Big Fish?

    It should just be the same process. Just need to find the game files. Which goodie are you trying to use?
  5. Mopiece

    Can't get the fire key

    Yeah, sorry but this is a known issue. And I don't think a work around was found. The only solution was using an earlier save.
  6. Mopiece

    Dameon and the final battle

    The game ends. There is no boss battle, just a small little scene.
  7. Mopiece

    Goodies not working!

    It's worth a shot. In the past when you used the goodies, did you have Windows 7 as well?
  8. Mopiece

    Goodies not working!

    Do you have an antivirus program on? Try turning off the program and then installing the goodie. You may also want to try leaving the area and then checking to see if the changes appearing.
  9. Mopiece

    Investigating Kobolds

    Have you gone to the shop? It's in the bottom left corner of Tor. You may not of gotten to the enemies step.
  10. Mopiece

    Investigating Kobolds

    Did you take of the mayor's enemies?
  11. Mopiece

    Save Folder of Aveyond-Rhen's Quest missing

    You can try searching for the save file directly. Try searching for save1.rxdata
  12. Mopiece

    Save Folder of Aveyond-Rhen's Quest missing

    The folder will be called Aveyond 1. Does that show up?
  13. Mopiece

    Save Folder of Aveyond-Rhen's Quest missing

    The files maybe hidden, so try allowing hidden files. If they're still not showing, then try looking in the game folder. (ex: C:\Program Files\Aveyond\SaveX.rxdata )
  14. Mopiece

    Save game file

    The files maybe hidden. So you'll have to right click to bring up the properties, then hit the checkbox to show hidden files.
  15. So, does it let you play after you put the key in? Does it just make you put the key in every time? Have you tried installing it anyone else, besides your dad's computers that is?
  16. So does the screen change at all when you input the key? Or does it just say it's storing the key?
  17. Mopiece

    You lost? Here's the maps!

    A lot of links were broken went the site changed. It's doubtful the links can, or will be recovered. Most likely, someone is just going to have to play the game and make the maps again.
  18. Mopiece

    Forum changes coming!

    You can change what it says under the usernames by editing your profile. Well, that's where you go to do it. Try editing your profile and seeing if you get that option?
  19. Mopiece

    Forum changes coming!

    Yes, we will be able to use signatures. It'll just may be sometime before they're back. The avatars are back, so I'm thinking signatures will follow soon.
  20. Mopiece

    Whispering Grub

    Do you need the resize potion? Are you in the right woods?
  21. Mopiece

    Demon Sulfur

    The demonic sulfur is in chests in caves. This topic may help you find the caves.
  22. Mopiece

    Correct ending

    There's not really a "correct" ending.
  23. Mopiece

    Some critique

    It is unlikely there will be a sequel for this game. The company is going in a different direction these days. If you don't have Facebook, or just haven't liked the Facebook page, then this post can explain what is going on these days.
  24. Mopiece

    Spider Eyes?

    Making a new post is fine. It's making the same post in different spots is a problem. Don't spam the forum with same question. Are you sure you didn't already by the spider eyes then? Have you checked Ingrid's home to see if it's there?
  25. Mopiece

    Spider Eyes?

    You can't use the spider eyes for anything else. Where are you looking? It's in the Miscellaneous Items Shop. Also, please don't make the same post about the same topic in multiple areas. Just wait for someone to respond.