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  1. I just gave up on this game.. it wasn't worth the frustration... too bad cause it was fun playing it when it didn't crash.
  2. It came through.. just me being impatient again.. sorry
  3. I just purchased the strategy guide and have no idea where it went. I have checked my email several times waiting to see if instructions would show up there. Did I do something wrong?
  4. I finally got past the memory problem by saving often and shutting down and coming back.. now I can not play the tournament... whenever I enter the tournament room the game shuts down and I get this message... cannot open file khwakka... anyone else have this problem and if so how do I solve it? Thanks
  5. I had the same problem with the memory error. I also cleaned out my system.. backed up my computer, got rid of a lot of files etc.. reloaded the game, played for a about an hour.. and it crashed with the error message about not enough memory. This is the only game I have had that problem with so I am sure it isn't my pc.. I gave up on the game and moved on.
  6. I had the same problem. I even went in cleaned out all my files..saved a bunch of stuff on my external hard drive to free up space and memory and reloaded the game. 20 minutes into.. I saved it and it crashed.
  7. Thanks.. It did help.. I went up and down that gorge at least 30 times and never saw those stairs there until you sent the pic. Thanks for you help and patience. Guess I need new glasses.
  8. Thanks.. I went that way several times and always hit a dead end but I will try it again.
  9. I have been all around that dessert and find nothing but the stairs down into the riverbed gorge and just before I get to the riverbed gorge there is a box that says Sector5-southern quadrant technopolis. please get ready to present ID DISKS at security checkpoint. I have no idea what this means. nothing happens.. thats all it says.. I have no id disk. was I supposed to pick one up somewhere?? Other then that I just keep hitting dead ends....I appreciate your help..
  10. After I cross the border dessert and reach riverbed gorge, I go down some stairs and I have gone up and down the whole area and can not find an exit. Do I need something to get past the piles of dirt or logs or is there a bomb to blow open the walls. It is probably something very simple and I am just not getting it.
  11. Sorry ... the game is Legionwood..The Tale of Two Swords Merged topics ~Argoyle
  12. I am having a very difficult time getting past Riverbed Gorge. I can't seem to find a way out of there. please help!!!
  13. perkymom

    Strangeluv - A Home Far Away

    Thanks untold.. I will give it a try.
  14. perkymom

    Strangeluv - A Home Far Away

    I am so aggravated with the serpents at the Great Rain Tree. I can not get past them. I thought I had it figured out when to move and the second time I moved it didn't work. I love RPG's but when they are so difficult you can't advance it isn't worth it. Is there a trick to it besides waiting for the lightning flashes because that isn't working?
  15. perkymom

    Pandaba - Myth Xaran

    I figured it out. Just one of those little things I didn't think of doing. Thanks anyway.