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  1. I did look at that post but it didn't help at all. I just feel like am stuck, I tried interacting with anything possible.
  2. Hi, I am at the part where I need to smuggle William to cleric Belarus house. I spoke to Martha Bloomfield and took the sack of food to Margaret. I don't what to do now. I also saved Margaret from one of the soldiers. I tried interacting with everything I could, but can't find a way to advance. I have spoken to Belarus too. Please kindly help! Thanks!
  3. at sedona, how do i move forward after i read the letter in Lady Angara's Mansion? i went to the thieves cave, but stella don't want to enter till we find more clues.
  4. ok i finished act III, great story, very emotional tho, i wish ray's last hopes come true... funny how vastale barely spoke in this story ...
  5. i somehow defeated all the flames and extinguished them... now its the part where i have to kill vastale it seems really hard any suggestions?
  6. and those parts without auria where i have to defeat some high hp monsters or something, are they going to get really hard? i defeated the first one right when i go in room, then the next on the left seems really hard
  7. i got to phase 3 and those seals seem to hurt auria and she thinks she shudnt really be breaking those seals? wat am i supposed to do? shud i still break all those seals coz that door cant be accessed any other way and it probably can only activate the next lift
  8. u know abt those four trials like anger bargaining depression and so...for the trial of anger how do i open the sealed gate? i finished other trials giving blue fires and one green now
  9. woah ?? there are more acts? lol i thot that this game was fully built because i just only discovered it recently... so i believe this is game is not over yet like aveyond 3 (sry if am not allowed to talk abt this game in this topic, i wont speak abt it)
  10. is getting pulse relic and saving noe from darxinger the only accomplishments from killing darx? also i just moved on with giving noe to darx and i went to the underworld to find ejaro, and i found this tear of aneris, hehe but its useless now... also if i kill darxinger, will the ending of the story be different?? i suppose it has not that much of an effect?
  11. is it possible to kill darxinger i heard about the tear of aneris but what shud i do? i dont want vel to die or the poor noe to be given to darxinger...(( too depressing i want the best ending with or do u suggest i try evry ending? i already got one bad ending trying to fight darxinger...
  12. in act III, i met with the blackknight and he told me i should search my innerself, how do i proceed forth from there?
  13. if this was made into a movie.... meh am gaining lvls rapidly in here lol
  14. i just finished act II and wanted to say this.... whoever created this game or whether it is a team you really are amazing..... simply amazing if this was made into a movie.... meh am gaining lvls rapidly in here lol Merged posts ~ Untold Reveries
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