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  1. I bought aveyond 3 and 4 in Steam and if Aveyong 1 and 2 is out there it'd be a great replay
  2. I see, unfortunately right now I can't access my game to check again since I'm out of my home laptop. But I'll see if the letters spells for busybeak. Thank You
  3. If we are talking about Shop Items, I only have 1 item left -I think- that I can sell, which is a red egg. Based on the SG, it should be on Busybeak Hills, but I am having difficulties finding it, embarrassingly enough. I think it has to do with the house with the word puzzle and a switch but I also have little clue on solving that, does anyone have an idea on solving this puzzle?
  4. Haha, I spend around 10-15 minutes overall looking through each room,I was wondering how I could get that Jester to move... It could be related to that Night Watch Quest when I entered Halaina? If so, I'll probably start that. Thank You so much!
  5. I'm in the part where Boyle had his second dream and Hi'beru's asking him to find the secret passage in the castle. The thing is, I can see a door on the back of a bookshelf where the Jester is but I can't trigger it, and the wall with a door passage that look like it's been bricked is not triggering anything. Does anybody know how to move forward with this? Thank you in advance
  6. Pretty much what Ashen_Eclispe said. This game barely came out to make a solid overall opinion about this game in general. Not to mention I don't really trust those star ratings in the first place.
  7. The Battle switch option was very useful for me when I was stupid enough to not buy enough items and needed to replace my nearly dead character. The equipment change on the other hand was an option I never used but I feel it is particularly handy for people who forgot to equip the better armour/weapon.
  8. Well I don't know how Beato can be one of the 18 unless you support the Shannon=Beatrice or Jessica=Beatrice theory. Although yes I do want the Beato we know and love (ep1-5) comes back but I doubt it :/
  9. I know! Seriously what is it with the anime's obsession with giving Maria 'creepy' faces hell she doesn't even look scary at all just plain retarded! which saddens me. I also love BeatoBattler I love all aspects of that pairing! :3
  10. I pretty much lost any respect I had for Bern in episode 5 she was a straight up cruel witch. Although I definately agree with you there about Erika. While i dislike Erika with a passion. I love her character design! like right now in your signature she looks so pretty :3
  11. @Kirroha:Yeah I agree it was very creepy :/ the thought(sp?) of Battler marrying Erika was a very frightening concept I'm glad Beato stopped it in time. I don't know about Erika being more symphathitic in episode 6 (I've heard otherwise from what she's done) although I did feel sorry for her when she died/got denied. she was a very interesting character despite being extremely unlikable(to me atleast)
  12. @Kirroha yep! I just love Maria! she's one of my favourite characters Erika looks totaly adorable in your avatar! :3 (If she was my bride? I'd try to run away :/ )
  13. Haha! I'll remember never to let a detective near my house then. Espescially if they are called 'Erika'
  14. Thanks for the replies . I Guess i'll be trying again to get that last attraction point to see her responce since I only had 4. (If only I could find that love potion )
  15. I have a question. If you got all 5 attraction points for Spook, what would have happened? I mean I'm sure it woudn't have stop him being gyendal and fooling Mel but... would here have been any extra dialoge or a slight change in the ending (in terms of dialoge or something else)?
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