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  1. destinyluck

    The Changeling (Updated(!) -- 1/7/2011)

    Oh my gosh!! How long has it been? I missed this story so much, and I come back after 1 year and very coinidentally you updated! I love this story! I love the new chapters! Don't ever stop updating!
  2. destinyluck


    That's awesome! I can't wait to see the whole game expecially after seeing the wonderful screenshots.
  3. destinyluck

    Blood of a Necromancer

    Not everyone. I still read this. But never comment. Trust me, she's gonna update soon.
  4. destinyluck

    Destiny: "You Were Never My Friend"

    I could help make sprites and story. I'm not good with scripts and mapping, though.
  5. destinyluck

    Sailor Moon RPG : The Moon Child

    Have you searched the thread yet? I think someone asked the same thing. But you can find the key in one of the rooms in the castle. Maybe in one of the evil guy's rooms?
  6. destinyluck

    Destiny: "You Were Never My Friend"

    @M.C:I know. I been through that stage. At first I thought you just take classes all the time. But I got through the 30 days.
  7. destinyluck

    Strategies on Final Battles

    It was quite easy for me. I was at lvl 67 and I used almost all my money to buy supplies. I used the spider egg and just attacked. Galahad was a big help because he was at a much higher level. I finished with none of my characters dying.
  8. Okay, I played the game and I found a few bugs. 1)When they were telling about the war, they never mentioned the Persians lost. Yet they said, the Persians tried again. 2)When I'm on my way to Klause's room, an error appears and says "Unable to find Actor Graphic 008" and closes the game. 3)Didn't the King and Queen say the diamonds were unable to be taken from the Princesses nd Princes chest?
  9. About their looks, I thought the vampires looked different in a good way. Te'ijal as a human looked quite fat.
  10. destinyluck

    Some questions

    So, 1)FAQ 2)FAQ 3)I suggest Tar Vendron and Witchwood if you haven't got that already. 4)It's optional. You can do it for fun. 5)I don't think there is. FAQ link:http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=7533&forum=65
  11. I was also dissapointed with what happened to the vampires. Tei'jal's wicked humor as a vampire made the game even more fun.
  12. destinyluck

    Transfering problems

    Good news, it was the problem with a few parellel process events. I deleted them but I have problems with my main autorun. *Sigh*
  13. destinyluck

    Destiny: "You Were Never My Friend"

    The current version is.
  14. destinyluck

    Destiny: "You Were Never My Friend"

    @sandstorm1998: The exams happen in the middle of the 30 days, I think. Did you take combat lessons? They help. What kind of equipment do you have?
  15. destinyluck


    I believe this thread has the walkthrough. http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=7685&viewmode=flat&order=ASC&type=&mode=0&start=0