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  1. I don't even know how to get Phye. I have Hiberu and have done all I can around the Shadow Isles and Delamere. Rescued the turtles too. Tempered the mirror. What shall I do to get Phye on board please? Have found Phye now. After writing my last post I went through the tried and tested (if tedious) method of going through every area in the game that I had visited until I found something I had not yet done. Merged posts. Please don't double post. ~Mopiece
  2. I would be most grateful if I could be given copies of site maps for Thial Mountains North, Thial Mountains South and Shadow Woods to enable me to find the three goodie bags which I have not yet located. Thanks if this is possible.
  3. I hope some help was given from somewhere with the above. I started a replay of Gates of Night before I finished it (Gyendal fight was my furthest point) because I realised I should have played Lord of Twilight first. So I did and carried it forward to a new game of Gates of Night. I have noticed that I am having trouble buying flowers and don't know whether I have missed doing something or whether it has all gone a bit haywire. The flower seller says "Flowers for sale" but doesn't ask if I want to buy any! Any thoughts anyone?
  4. You are wonderful; I had been tearing my hair out over this and your suggestion immediately made sense although I have never used my keyboard for these games. Worked like a charm. Many thanks.
  5. After obtaining the up-to-date password I return to the guard at the Underworld entrance. I get a screen with all the alphabet where I should be able to enter the correct password (I have watched the videos on youtube) but when I click on the first letter it just flashes briefly but does not print. Help please. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it makes no difference.
  6. I have a problem that has halted my play of Lord of Twilight but none of the links (to see if the question has already been asked) seem to work. I got one message saying the link had been broken!
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