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  1. I noticed the mention of Tinctura Hypericum earlier in this thread. I have 7 of them but when I click on it, nothing happens. Is there a trick to using them?
  2. I have removed the dome from Snow Island but I can't get off the ship to go there. I have tried using the keyboard instead of the mouse to no avail. I have only three quests left: Skull Mountain, Demon Blood and Boyle's Revenge. Is there something I have missed doing? If this is a technical glitch - how frustrating to get so close to the end and not be able to finish!! I found the answer on another forum - I didn't know about the space bar.
  3. Boyle has learned Devastate but it takes 70 SP but his max is 60. How can this be increased?
  4. There are two guards who won't let me into Boppity Woods at night. Is there something else I have to do to get in there to collect bugs and feathers?
  5. Fang keeps chasing purple wispy things to "mud holes" but when he gets there he only finds money. Is there a trick to catching the whispering grub that I am missing? Wow, it's amazing how often I find the answer right after I post the question ! Found it.....
  6. I saw that, but I can't figure out how to get to the Mist Mountains (something really obvious, no doubt ). Yes, it was obvious, I found it! Thanks for your help.
  7. I have fixed the windmill, defeated the funny old ghost, found the hidden room, and my "Ghost Hunter" quest says "9/9 ghosts eradicated", but that quest is still not completed and I can't seem to get on to the next thing (whatever it is). Have I missed doing something? I just found the right person to talk to so the Ghost quest is completed, but what do I do now? Merged posts. Please don't double post, just use the edit button. ~Mopiece
  8. There must be a way past the prickly bushes; is it an item or skill that I don't have yet?
  9. Done all that..... but finally I just wandered around Sedona for awhile and then Isabelle finally lost her ring. I bought it from the jeweler and gave it back to her - but Stella is still saying they need more information before entering the thieves' cave.
  10. I've talked to Galahad and Te'ijal, talked to the king about the jewelry theft job, talked to Anara in her home, went back later and read the letter from the thieves and now Anara is in the jewelry shop to sell stuff, but Isabelle hasn't lost her ring. I've been to the entrance of the thieves cave twice but can't go in yet. As far as I can tell from other posts, I've done everything I need to do to trigger this quest, but obviously I've missed something since Isabelle still has her ring. Any ideas?
  11. Thanks! Wonder why I couldn't find this page?
  12. I keep seeing references to "downloading" goodies in the forum, but I can't figure out where to find them on the website. I am at the woodsman's cabin in Shadow Wood with the beast transfigurine, and both walkthroughs mention digging up something that was guarded by a squirrel (the only squirrels I see are just running around). However, one walkthrough mentions that I had to have downloaded a particular goody and installed it, and I don't find the downloads. Can someone point me to them? Thanks
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