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  1. Show yourself if you want to, you can leave your friends behind 'Cause your name ain't Spook and since it ain't Spook, then fire me
  2. I really love to mod games I enjoy, and I was wondering if there was a way to do this legitimately with Aveyond? I spent a lot of time as a kid walking between places in Aveyond and imagining conversations and stories for NPCs, and it would be amazing to be able to poke around and add some of those in as an adult. :0
  3. Welcome to my castle of art. I'll say it right now, I am NOT a professional, but I hope my inane scribbles bring some people joy. :3 Here's a derpy sketch I did of Professor Moo from AV3, getting delusions of grandeur after way too many years hatching other people's pets, because we all know he's the most likely candidate for villain of AV4. Feedback is welcome; don't use this stuff without my permission, etc. etc.
  4. Danin

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Ooh these are great! Ahriman pic: I like Ahriman's super chill expression. If that's his demeanor, I could see how he could have easily convinced Dameon to join the dark side pre fairy dust to the face. Edward pic: Oh man Edward is ADORABLE there with his chickens. He really needs a Rhen-style multiple choice ending where he abandons Thais to his parents and lives on a farm with his 20 chicken babies. 🐔 RxD pic: I opened this one and just went "awwwww" for like a minute. I love the blue and purple in Rhen's hair, and the detail on her outfit.
  5. Danin

    Danin's Castle of Strangery (Art!)

    Hey everybody, I got inspired and did some more sketches!
  6. Hey everyone! It's been a while! I missed you guys! I haven't done a formal introduction post and I just gained some time going forward, so here I am! Hello, I'm Danin! I've been playing Aveyond since Aveyond 1 came out, and have been carrying it in my heart ever since. Aveyond 4 is my favorite so far, though Aveyond 3 tends to be the main target of my fanfiction (that game also spurred my continued love of vampires into existence ). I ship many peoples, including EdxStella (and EdxBelf, I won't lie), RhenxDameon, sometimes MelxGyendal depending on the presentation, and recently ElinixTe'ijal. Boyle should remain happily alone with his doggo and gargoyles. Aveyond has been a major part of my life, showing me the way to RPG Maker and from there to pursuing game design/development as a career. I've learned so many skills on this path that it's kinda crazy, and I have Aveyond to thank for it. I'm so glad to know about this place and to be able to participate in it. Seriously, you guys are the nicest community on the internet I've run into, I think ever. Take cookies for all your fanfic, fanart, and general existences! Anyway, since I'm here and have time now, I'd like to actually start posting more frequently. So consider this my (re)entry, I guess? In any case, I'm excited to be back.
  7. Danin

    Rhenegade - an Alternate Canon Fanfic

    Aaaaaaaa I just finished reading this whole thing and it was marvelous! Ishti, you've got skills. I love your characterization of Te'ijal, the whole split party idea, all the pirate adventures and the ships (in every sense of the word), and all the rest! I also love how Lars was less of a brat but wasn't one-dimensional, and Rhen was just brilliant. Hidden because it's maaaybe a spoiler?
  8. Danin

    Apparently I Exist??

    Thanks everybody! @Mu11berry Hehe, thanks! I was revisiting the Prof. Moo sketch the other day and I got some ideas for other sketches that may appear soon! I'm also thinking about writing some fanfiction, which could include some RhenxDameon stuff.
  9. Danin

    2017-2018 Winter Exchange Submissions!

    @PiPeter, have a gift!
  10. Danin

    Aveyond Winter Exchange (again)

    I'm pretty stoked! I'm glad I was able to join this year. (Or is it last year, now? XD Eh, counts.) I can't wait to see what everyone's come up with.
  11. Danin

    New Year!!

    Happy New Year, everyone! My first resolution is to get my gift exchange gift done on time! Beyond that, I'm just going to keep working on achieving my dreams by making games, writing stories, and loving life as much as possible. May everyone here have a wonderful 2018!
  12. Danin

    Aveyond Winter Exchange (again)

    I got mine!
  13. Danin

    Aveyond Winter Exchange (again)

    Hooray! This! I missed the exchange last year, is it too late to jump in for this one? Anything with Gyendal, Boyle, or Stella after she becomes the super OP healer-warrior in TDP would be amazing.
  14. Danin

    Guild Tags!

    Hey guys, I got the guild tags done! I made a big version and a small version of each. What do you think? Any suggestions are welcome!
  15. Danin


    Hey guys! Sorry I disappeared. XD Shadow Masters & Mistresses sounds good to me. Does anyone have any suggestions for the War and Magick tag color scheme?
  16. Danin


    Hmm, let's see... 1. For the dark guild, I'd like to suggest maybe the Underfall Guild? I feel like Vampire Guild is too specific, doesn't allow for witches/necromancers, etc., but dark creatures of all kinds congregated in Underfall, including vampires. Druids and Dreamers sounds good for the light guild. What about the War and Magick Guild for the in-between guild (like the school in AP and AV3)? I like Warriors and Wildmages, too. 2. I'd probably join the dark guild. Bring on the spooooky! 3. Ooooh ooh! What if being in a guild meant you could put spells in your signature (or special moves, for fighters)? Like, you could have a guild tag image, and then "My Spells:" and then a list of appropriately themed spells with a cool icon to go with them? 4. Alas, I don't have enough time to dedicate to running a guild properly. ;-; But I would definitely be interested in helping out when I can (brainstorming for events, making guild- or event-themed images, etc). Maybe I could be a deputy or something? XD I would love to apply my skills to this. And I'd be happy to make stuff for other guilds, too. I just wanna make things! Speaking of that, I got excited and made a guild tag mockup for signatures/profiles... What do you guys think? Colors and names can be changed accordingly. I was trying to go for a sort of retro-rpg feel. Comments? Suggestions? Am I on the right path here? XD
  17. Danin


    This looks fabulous! Add me to the people who say YES PLEASE. I agree that we should probably start out with only a few guilds since we're such a small group right now. I LOVE the idea of seasons tied to the guilds! We could run with some of what we've already got here - an Underworld Guild for spooky things/darkness, handling Winter; a Druid's (or Dreamer's?) Guild for ethereal stuff/light, maybe handling Spring; a Mages Guild between the two, handling Summer or Autumn; and some other guild to round it out and take the leftover season. (Fighters maybe? They could be a counterpart to the Mages.)
  18. Danin

    Moonpeace's edits/aesthetics/art

    A bit late to the party here, but I really like your Rhen troll. I love her outfit, and the gauntlets, and the fur, and the laces, and just all of it actually XD. Great job!
  19. Danin

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Hooray, Rhen and Dameon art! They were always my favorite ship from AV1. ^^ I love the detail on all their faces. I also like Pirate John's beard and Daena's outfit. Your art reminds me of illustrations in a storybook.
  20. Danin

    Queen-of-Ice101's Art and Headcannons!

    Oh goodness, this thread has so much cuuuute! I LOVE Mel's hair and outfit in the red string picture. The shading is wonderful! I think that's one of my favorite Mel fanarts now. ^^
  21. Danin

    If You Could Be....?

    Whaaaaaaat I was just thinking about this before I saw your post. Are you psychic? XD I'd probably be a sorcerer trained at Shadwood. I'd look like my profile picture (red hair, grin) and I'd have a red robe if they'd let me. I'd carry some metal rod, and my specialty would be storm magic. My house would be a small two- or three-room place in AV1-era Sedona.
  22. Danin

    Discord or IRC Community?

    *raises hand* I'd be interested.
  23. Danin

    Danin's Castle of Strangery (Art!)

    @Mu11berry Oh, thank you so much! I was a little self conscious about my painting abilities before I posted, hehe. Again, I'm glad my Prof. Moo sketch got seen. ^^ @Queen-of-Ice101 Thanks! I'm pretty proud of that butterfly. I'll be sure to post more art once I've got some. It might be a while, I'm kind of slow. XD @moonpeace Thanks! I'm totally with you on wanting more AV2 and AV4 fanart. I've thought about making some AV4 fanart/fanfic, but the game is just so good I'm afraid I can't do it justice. XD I've tried to paint Boyle, but it just looks like a sad version of the portrait we already have of him. @Rodania ♡ Thank you so much! ^^ I'm glad you like them!
  24. Danin

    Danin's Castle of Strangery (Art!)

    Aw, look at this dusty little art corner. Time to shake off some cobwebs, I think. To start, here's Talia Maurva, one of my favorite characters from AV1. This art was inspired by the Aveyond 31 Day Challenge, hooray! Also here's a pic of her butterfly minion:
  25. Danin

    Count down to 0 (From 2015)

    0! Boom! We did it!!