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  1. Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Oh, I see! Well in that case I'd be happy to help if you have any programming troubles. I actually teach an introductory programming class at university. I find it totally fascinating. In particular, if you ever decide to try using the real time battle system, I would be really interested in figuring out how that's programmed in RPG Maker because I know that part of AP used a lot of custom code.
  2. Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    That would be awesome I finally found a copy of the old version 1.0, and funnily enough it uses the random encounter / turn based battles (and has a proper display for class and experience). It's like a whole other game though, using the world map to go between towns and caves. I assume you're keeping the same maps as version 2.1, such as the forest right outside Elden village? It'll be fun to see all of those remade. By the way, how are you doing the different systems, like experience / classes, and battle damage etc. Do you have access to the code for the original game so that you can reuse those parts, or are you rebuilding them? I'm wondering if that'll alter the difficulty scale of the game. I don't really work with RPG Maker but I do a lot of programming, so I'm quite interested in the process you're going through!
  3. Edit: After posting this I realized that the original version can be found in other threads on this forum - such as the pinned post for guides and help, a place where I least expected to find a link to an outdated version of the game (attributed to Kingsfield but hosted on OneDrive, thankfully). Quite odd! But there you have it. Apologies for any confusion Although that clears up the main point of interest for this topic, if anyone has any information regarding the original version please share it below! I was unable to find anything on the web; nothing in depth like a detailed list of changes between V1 and V2, or anything as simple as a release date or acknowledgement that the game even exists. It's as if V1 was just quietly swept under the rug I'd love to know anything about the original game and why it was practically remade for V2. --- Original Post:
  4. Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    I don't know how I feel about this... Ahriman's Prophecy is possibly my favorite game of all time. I can definitely appreciate some of the touch ups - having the name of each place appear on the screen is a fantastic addition. The graphics are meh, I never understood why anybody would dislike the pixel art in AP. It was a genuine 16bit RPG experience, truly beautiful. I have my qualms with the Aveyond style, but it is cute to see the world of AP reimagined like this Personally I wouldn't change the battle system for the world. Real time battles were one of the things that really set AP apart from other RPGs for me, and that was the main reason I never got into Aveyond. So I admit I'm disappointed you're scrapping that. I would really love to see an improved version of the original battle system without all the glitches (particularly casting spells and using items in real time). The battles felt like one of the defining features of the game, it just won't be the same without it. In any case though, it's still fantastic to see that there's still love for the original game. I always felt like it deserved so much more respect and attention than it got, and I look forward to seeing the progress on this
  5. Devin on my Menu XD

    In all honesty the code for AP is just a bit weird. Some of the things that happen (like this!) I just can't see how it could appear in the code... but it does...
  6. Devin on my Menu XD

    You broke AP. Good job
  7. Credits

    Thankyou! I have been confused about that for a long time. Much appreciated! Most of the reasources seem to be here however there are very few monsters and no face sets for them. Any idea if they are from the same site, perhaps since removed, or if there is another site where they came from?
  8. Credits

    Can someone please explain who made the sprites for Ahriman's Prophecy and how to contact them? There is no clear infomation, the site is in desperate need of an update. The in-game credits attribute the "Graphics" to Amanda, Mack And Blue, Bob The Taco, and First Seed Graphics, whilst Lord_Tomahawk is credited as a "Level Designer". The site however has two pages for Ahriman's Prophecy, I guess one of them is an out-of-date page which shouldn't exist but it does. Both pages list Lord_Tomahawk and First Seed Material as responsible for "Graphics". One of the pages actually had it so that each name was a link to, I assume, that person's website. The link for Lord_Tomahawk was dead, page not displayed. The link for First Seed Material was some page in a series of asian and unrecognised characters which appear as boxes. All I want to do is contact whoever owns the copyright for the actual sprites. Any help would be really good! [EDIT: The two versions of the page are -The one normally found on the games page http://aveyond.com/games/ahrimans-prophecy/ -The one found by googling "Ahriman's Prophecy" and going to the first result. This is the one with the links. http://aveyond.com/games/ahrimans-prophecy/ ]