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  1. you know i had this question too at some point this year, don't ask me why. however i only played the aveyond series, it's the first set of rpg games i've ever played - so i thought my doubts don't really weigh much. i guess you can say Aveyond is pretty good because for first timers like me, it ushers you into other playing other rpg games. i've since then explored other rpg makers, but i also plan to buy more of amaranth-made games. one thing that i noticed is that rpg makers are very supportive of each other. also when i like an rpg game maker i buy they games directly from their site, like what i did and will be doing with amaranth games and aldorlea games. i hope that helps them if at all. i just did that this month, feels pretty good. here is my reason, i'll tell you anyway - i want to make my own rpg games!
  2. sorry duplicate / wrong entry please delete asap
  3. sorry duplicate - please delete
  4. KTC, the gamble is fairly subjective. It is a choice that you can make, based on your core beliefs, or lack of. I do believe that everybody can take that leap, but not all will. the point of the gamble is you don't really know exactly what will happen. You can try to predict, but predictions don't come true 100% of the time. I mean, where can you find someone or something that will tell you exactly what happens in the future with perfect accuracy? saying that we can't make that gamble, is kind of closing us all in a box.
  5. Ryo-Kun, good to know you are back, though I am fairly new here. Hi, Quasi-candid - its great that you spoke, as a lurker myself for a few months i can relate. Hi Huy, don't worry about the english. Welcome! Hi Krydyrion! hmm Krydyrion Game Studio - do you have a game portfolio i can look through? welcome and have fun!!
  6. thank you so much for making this post and now i have downloaded the freeware. i decided to buy 5 millenium games as well. yeah, so excited.
  7. hiya there Lindrah from a fellow newbie! oh wow you have these pairings already and i never even thought about that except for when i decided on stella/edward... hmmmm, elini-saurva? lol! anyways have lots of fun here!
  8. ha! i did see them, but the ones they made for Binay are so mean!! sorry, already off topic, -zips mouth-
  9. apologies, it's just that i was guilty of not voting, i was so embarrassed.
  10. thanks for the article amaranth. - whoa electrodes implanted in the cortex - scary!! but they did make it work for that one person. - hurray for the Higgs boson particle and the Higgs field! the standard model thanks cern. - i love the idea of flexible and more economical solar panels. the earth needs a break. - hacking the human brain with more precision will take more years.
  11. hmmm... while i do respect everyone's opinions, i myself believe in the existence of the soul and life after death. may it be in a weird sci-fi landscape or nice nature haven, i do believe in going there when i die. i was agnostic when in college but then in the end i just took that gamble. if dying did turn out to be a permanent extinction of my existence then i won't lose anything with this gamble anyway.
  12. wooow thanks for the novel it gives the game life. i wish there was also a movie or at least a tv series of these games.
  13. @Questy: yes sir i am. but i did not vote this year my husband did - sorry! @ariana: oh good, and the big bang theory too! *hugs back*
  14. ha! thanks, i love wonder woman. oh look you have a story - i'm reading now.
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