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  1. I've gotten so involved with the characters, it almost had me in tears with the Tooth Fairy. I already know I'm going to miss these characters. Will you be making anymore walkthroughs? I'm trying to find Green Mother, I think I might know where she is.
  2. They worked for me today, it hadn't yesterday. YAY!
  3. Something odd happened when I went to Thais to decide who was queen. The town was on fire and destroyed so we were on our way to the castle when we went into one of the open doorways in the town. There was a person inside the room and it all of a sudden reverted back to the town being fine again, and everyone was back in town. Castle wasn't burned down or anything. I restarted and didn't go into any of the rooms this time and I got to the end of Southern island. I also couldn't open my inventory at all when I went into the destroyed Thais. Something similar happened when I went to find Minerva on the mountain, there is one of those wizards that changes your weapons/armor if you go to the left on the mountain. When I went that way and saw him, I suddenly couldn't open my inventory again to even upgrade anything. I believe I got stuck in that room with him also so I had to do a cntrl/alt/delete to move on.
  4. I'm really enjoying this game! The only thing is the grind to get money to upgrade weapons and armor, but other than that (and I can deal with that) I like this a lot!! Well done!! I'm almost ready to go to Western Island. Thanks for making this great game!! Oh, how do I get the walkthrough for the Western and Northeast islands please?? Thanks!
  5. flaxin1

    Wind Cave?

    Yes I saw the bubble.. So on the other one, snow cave and then that cute little orb opens that Ice island. : Thanks!
  6. flaxin1

    Wind Cave?

    What is that little bouncing red orb in the tiny island next to one of the bigger bubble covered islands???? There was a lock on a gate and I walked up to it and the door opened and the little orb zoomed out of the room.
  7. flaxin1

    Calming potion

    Doh! Thank you so much! Love the game!!
  8. flaxin1

    Calming potion

    It turned green, so I put in shaved rock, then it turned colorless it said. Though it looks gray. I tried the moon tear and that didn't work.
  9. flaxin1

    Calming potion

    I can't seem to figure out the calming potion. I have the tentacle. Help please??