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  1. "The way of the King" A noble is angry at a new king who is being very stupid with his way of ruling. He takes matter into his own hands. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Free for All" A story in which anyone can participate with any role as long as it can fit in to the story line made by everyone else.
  2. YOUR USER NAME: nicktoons2421 YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Richard de Ransom YOUR CHARACTER'S SEX: Male DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: 29 August 2013 YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: Noble/Court Bard YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: Human YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: 37 YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: Very strong and well spoken a)Physical: Very well trained with a bow and longsword. b)Magical: Good at healing spells but can go on the offensive c)Other: He can talk his way out of things. YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: A good leader and great fighter YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: Easily frightened and gives up quickly
  3. Hello!! I'm new here. Name: nicktoons Favorite Game: Aveyond 1 Likes: Agatha Christie, cheese, fried chicken, cooking, gardening, and reading Dislikes: Can't think of any
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