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Found 43 results

  1. @Ant, - Face Away From Object; // a HeroAction simply to make a HeroObject face directly away from (without otherwise moving) another particular Object //
  2. @Ant, - Face Object; // a HeroAction simply to make a HeroObject face towards (without otherwise moving) another particular Object //
  3. @ Ant, - Party Formation; // So this Hero Action could be used to a GROUP of HeroObjects to move about or remain together in a particular FORMATION whilst also all still avoiding NavMesh obstacles and so on //
  4. @Ant, - Evade Object; // a HeroAction causing the HeroObject to move to evade the Object, either at a set distance or an unlimited (go as far away as possible) distance, whilst avoiding NavMesh obstacles //
  5. @Ant, - Intercept Object; // a HeroAction causing the HeroObject not to follow the Object (at a distance) but rather to chase down the Object to it's location even as that location may change, whilst avoiding NavMesh obstacles //
  6. @Ant, - Follow Object; // this would be a HeroAction allowing the HeroObject to follow (but maintain a set distance from) another Object whilst also evading other obstances in NavMesh //
  7. @Ant, It would be great to have some tidy Convert HeroActions in to the mix:- - Convert Integer (to Float); - Convert Float (to Integer); - Convert Float (to String); - Convert String (to Float); - Convert Integer (to String); - Convert String (to Integer); - Convert Integer (to Colour); // assuming we might get a Colour variable // - Convert Colour (to Integer); // assuming we might get a Colour variable // - Convert Bool (to String 01); // so if bool is 0 then string is '0', if bool is 1 string is '1' // - Convert Bool (to String OnOff); // so if bool is 0 then string is 'off', if bool is 1 string is 'on' // - Convert Bool (to String YesNo); // so if bool is 0 then string is 'yes', if bool is 1 string is 'no' // [edit] 08-10-2017 I have now (I hope) created all of these custom HeroActions. See the attached and then this link:- http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19042-variable-conversion-heroactions/ HeroKit Actions - Conversion Actions - v1.0.unitypackage
  8. Does HeroKit support the above aka Diablo and Path of Exile? If not, is it on the Roadmap?
  9. @Ant, Some HeroAction(s) to simply check the presence (just in itself) or otherwise in a HeroObject (or HeroBlock??) of - a HeroProperty; If (HeroProperty) - a HeroPropertyVariable If (HeroProperty Variable) - a Variable; or If (Variable) - a Global. If (Global) and return a Bool as True if that is present...? These would be enornmously useful in and of themselves...
  10. @Ant, (first of all, apologies for firing off all these requests/ideas at the outset - just wanted to get them all down, I'll stop soon, promise - also I've left a hopefully useful review on the Store!) Some Menus that it would be great if you could create for/with the RPG developments release (again, a wish list!):- - complex inventory (with tabs or whatever for sorting items by type/ subtype); - drag and drop; - comparison pop-ups; - equipment and stats screens; - action bar(s); - crafting table/ui; - mode ui for reading scrolls, notes, books etc; - merchant/trader 'inventories' alongside yours - trade!; - comparison of items pop-ups; - stash inventories - and ui for reviewing what is in a chest, treasure pile etc; - glossary - so you can fill in what you learn about say people, races, monsters, etc; - spell-book, prayer-books; - skill trees; - mini-map?
  11. I have now created this HeroAction. See this link http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18995-if-string-contains/
  12. Can we... so maybe our own very detailed list of variables and so forth...
  13. I have a suggestion for Hero Objects (and could be useful for other areas as well). When I have one open I see States, Variables, and Globals, but not sure what each is exactly (other than following along with the tutorials). I think it would be great to see helpful tooltips on certain things (such as: States, Variables, Globals) when they are clicked on so we know what each is best used for. For example, when I click on "Globals" there is just a blank screen to the right, but it could inform the game maker all about Globals and how they could be used. I think tooltips in general are an awesome thing.
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